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Discussion in 'eXmark' started by Hustlinfireman, Apr 27, 2004.

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    Well, I hope to be picking up a 36 metro on friday, my question goes to the owners of the factory original catcher. I need some solid opinions of how well this thing has held up, any problems since you have had the unit? I have done the searches on here and I read alot about accelerator catcher and grass gobblers. but my dealer does not carry these units, and the factory one is priced into the package. So please give me good honest opinions.
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    I like the cloth catcher for what it is. Fills well, fairly light. The mounting plate is the heavy part. bags do wear out, especially at stress points, but they're cheap to replace if you know where to get them. The accelerator is probably better, but not cheap. I like how the cloth model will give and not gouge if you run it into the lawn . But since my Exmark mulches so well, I quit bagging a few years ago most of the year. Grass Gobblers are a distant 3rd, I have one of those also rusting in the shed. Heavy and smallish, don't fill quite as well in my experience.

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