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    Urban flight and rural land use changes away from ag toward "McMansion" estate developments has created a fair sized consumer market for larger commercial grade machines. For an extra thousand, or two, a consumer can have the quality and reliability you pros are used to.

    I have about 5 acres to cut and there isn't a consumer-grade machine out there that would be a good investment for me or anybody cutting more than 3 acres. I know--I burned up a top end consumer machine within two years of mowing and snow plowing.

    In my area, fescue is the turf of choice for larger properties and it needs to be cut every four days throughout the growing season unless a summer dry spell kicks in heat dormancy. If I didn't have the time to take care of it myself, I would need to go commercial. Becasue I can find 2 1/2 hours every four or five days, a $10,000+ machine and attachments is still a good investment when compared to the cost of commercial services.

    There's the target market of Toro's Exmark division. :waving:
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    exmark isnt looking for the sensible consumer, they are looking for the H2/Excusion owner who thinks they need it. my dad bought one 12 yrs ago for our 5 acre wooded property, it was the most expensive vehicle he'd aver bought but we needed it (still use it today) but this isnt who they're targeting (i feel). if someone will buy something as rediculous as a hummer then they'll also buy a ztr for their 1 acre lot.
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    I don’t think that’s a good idea…I know a lot of homeowners who have ponds, lake and canal ditches, some with slopes and no guard rails. :nono:

    Moreover, these people are now using JD homeowner tractors or Murray with front steering…but once they start slipping and sliding with those ZTR’s…Things could get dicey! LOL!

    It’s all good, enjoy, peace! :angel:


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    I mow three acres and just bought the Gravely 260Z. In addition, I have a Kubota with a loader and 72" deck, but it is just too much of a pain to remove that thing every time I have heavy work to do.

    By the way, I quit buying non-commercial equipment in the 70's after owning a couple of Dynamarks, talk about throwing money away. My father still mowed with the same Cub LowBoy he bought new in the late 50's. He could not longer push in the clutch so he traded it for a new Wheel Horse hydro. I sold it for my mom when he passed a couple of years ago and . Lost more on that than the 50 year old commercial Cub. I still use my 1977 Lawnboy for trimming, another commercial mower that more than paid for itself. Now what really makes sense?
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    Ah'yep...here's my personal lawnmower. Still tweaking my 1978 Gravely 8183-T as a rider back-up

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    Soupy said "The homeowner doesn't look at it like that. They compare the monthly payment against the monthly cost of lawn care. A guy paying $90 a week for a 1 1/2 hour cut might be willing to buy one of these. For 6 hours a month he gets a mower that will last a life time and bragging rights to his neighbors that he owns the same mower that their lawn care uses.

    If you figure that the mower will last long past the time the mower payments have stopped. It really doesn't sound to bad to the homeowner. He can throw a Blower and trimmer in for little extra monthly payment too. An ambitious man would have fun cutting his lawn every week and 1 1/2 hours is no different then the homeowner that uses a 21" push mower on a 1/2 acre.

    I'm not saying I like the Idea, but I am seeing more and more Homeowners with 1/4 - 1/2 acre lots owning a commercial walk-behind."

    Yup...home owner here with a realitivly small yard (133ft x 121 with a ranch house, 15x25 garage with a double wide driveway, 10x18 shed and a 20x20 patio) and I just bought a low end commercial 32 inch mower. I figured that paying 35 a week, it would not take long to cover the price of my investment! Plus I figure with 30-45 minutes of use a week for 7 months should make this machine last forever! Being bigger than the 21" that I used to use before hiring it done, allows this new machine to finish in 1/2 the time so now I can handle it! I already had a blowerand a gas edger so I was all set. I just canceled my deal with the local lawn professional.
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    That is exactly the setup I want..... :blob3:

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