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Discussion in 'eXmark' started by grass lover, May 22, 2003.

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    I am a homeowner with 1 acre to mow living in middle Tennessee. Yard has a good slope in the back and some steep inclines around several beds. No major obstacles other than a swing set and my planting beds are laid out for ease of mowing. Overall slop is 4-6 degrees with short steeper sections up to 30 degrees. Grass is mostly fescue with some rye and clover.
    Currently have a Dixon 4423 cone drive 15hp B&S.... sucks! Replacing the transmission to sell because it will not take the slope of my yard. Local dealer support is terrible also. Service tech actually told me how terrible Dixon’s were. Got to like his honesty.
    I have a great Hustler/Exmark dealer down the road and trying to decide between the CT and FasTrak. What engine/deck options would you suggest? FasTrak has more combinations and thought I liked the idea of Honda engines. However, I have read some negative postings on this site about the bigger Honda’s.
    Need something that will mow a slope with ease and give me a good quality cut. Would it be too much to ask the dealer if I could demo each model on my yard to help me choose? Feel awkward asking since I'm just a homeowner, BUT this is a big investment for ME.
    You advice and comments are welcomed....

    Posted in homeowners as well, but getting no traffic.
  2. grass lover

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    Dealer is giving me a demo of both units on my property early next week. Will post results once completed.
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    Hey grass lover,

    Check out this post when you get a chance - http://www.lawnsite.com/showthread.php?threadid=44556. This may give you a little more insight into the LCT.

    No matter which model you choose, I would shy away from the larger Honda engines. I too have not heard many positive things regarding this engine. I'd do some more research before choosing a Honda.

    We use the single cylinder, 18-hp Kohler. It's a solid, no frills engine. Power-wise, it fits right in-between Honda's 16-hp and 18-hp twin-cylinder engines. The Kohler carries a two year warranty.

    The LCT has the same warranty as our full-size mowers (http://www.exmark.com/Warranty.htm), and unlike other mowers in this category, we utilize independent pumps and wheel motors. This makes the hydro drive system dependable and less expensive to service if service is necessary. Our competitors use integrated pumps and wheel motors, like the Hydro-Gear IZT transmissions. Integrated pumps and wheel motors are bad news down the road. If something goes wrong, they are expensive to replace.

    I would try the 48" LCT with the 18-hp Kohler. If you feel the 18-hp engine is not enough for the 48" deck, you can move into the 44" deck. Let me know if you have any other questions.

    Here to help,

    Exmark Customer Support

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