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Discussion in 'eXmark' started by bebcob, May 16, 2006.

  1. bebcob

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    Looking for a little help and advice.

    A neighbor has a 48" Exmark CT, 18 hp Kolher with roughly 60 hrs on it. He is planning on selling it and he told me to make him an offer. What would be a fair price? Mower is well maintained.

    Second, if I buy this mower I will want to add a mulching kit. Will I have any problem mulching with the 18 hp engine.
  2. CBB

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    New price on that model is $5,799.00 for 2006, however it has the 18 Vanguard on it instead of Kohler. Also, figure your neighbor paid tax. That should give you some ideas on where to start. 60 hours on a machine is not a lot, and if well maintained, its just getting broke in. A mulch kit on that machine would work just fine, and you should be able to pick one up for about $200.

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