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my exmark tthp with a 19 horse kawi cuts out only when the blades are on. it only does it for a second at a time but it seems as if its happening more and more now, and its getting annoying. i'm assuming this is a safety switch issue. if so, how can i go about diagnosing it? thanks


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Uhm, it depends, there exist two types of switches...

One is normally ON and then when depressed it switches OFF
The other is normally OFF and when depressed it switches ON

ON meaning a closed connection, OFF means it's open.

Keep in mind the below troubleshooting process effectively bypasses your safety switch!

So, depending on the type of switch...
For the first type, disconnect either of the wires and leave it hanging, you might tape a bit of
electrical tape around the exposed part to make sure it doesn't arc.
For the second type, unhook both wires and TAPE the exposed parts together so as to connect them.

You can, if unsure of what kind you have, start with the first...
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