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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by linky, Mar 23, 2002.

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    A question for you Exmark guys. I am considering getting a 52'' hydro this season. I am wondering how well those decks cut crumby weed filled bi-weekly properties? I know that they are great on real lawns that are maintained properly. I cut the best of lawns and the worst of lawns-nothing in between. My toro sfs will do a great job on any type of lawn but my scag will only do a good job on a nice lawn. I just get frustrated at the dandilions left standing that the scag will not touch. How do those exmarks with the excalibers do? Thanks
  2. SLS

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    I have a Lazer Z w/ the 60" Ultra-Cut and it did a great job on the 2 weeker's I used to have. Pull up the discharge chute deflector and mow it down! Every now and then in the springtime there would be a 'stringer' or two if I went full blast...but no dandelions or clover tops. :D

    Haven't tried the Excaliburs yet.
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    some of mine are on such a close budget that it is mowed every two wks.the lazer can give a fresh smooth cut in this situation.
    no it doesnt look like a lawn thats under the program,but it looks ok.

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