ExMark Diesel Hydro problem

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by Jap, Aug 31, 2010.

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    We have 2 older Diesel mowers both having the same issue .

    We've used these mowers for 7-8+ years without too much of a headache normal maint. etc .

    Recently the hydro tensioner was loosing tension even with a new tensioner new belts and all alignments checked etc . The tensioner will slowly move from it's original good tensioned spot too literally touching the passenger side hydro pump pulley which begins to eat the belt .

    I've gotten the belt too what I think is optimum placement as far as tension goes but it's still quite loose and stretches the belt within 1-2 days of mowing our 240+ ACRE grounds .

    Has anyone had experience on this type of problem would love to solve it without taking it in for service as we do all our own in house mechanic work on all machinery etc ..

    Thanks in advance for any help you guys can provide *trucewhiteflag*
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  2. Jap

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    ttt still having this issue is nobody able to help ?
  3. mowerknower

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    If the serial number is below 440000, you will need to use part number 103-0882 instead of 103-2600. All of the parts look up will tell you to use the 103-2600 (not sure why) but there is a service bulliten that relates to this. See Below

    DATE: May 9, 2005
    NUMBER: 05-04
    SUBJECT: Lazer Z XP Pump Drive Belt

    UNITS AFFECTED: LZ27DD604, LZ27DD724, LZ31DG604, & LZ31DG724 units with serial numbers below 440,000

    SITUATION: We had superceded the old pump drive belt to a new slightly longer belt. On older units, we received numerous reports that the belt was not lasting, and once it broke in, it did not have enough spring tension.

    SOLUTION: With the newer units 440,000 and higher the newer 103-2600 belt works fine. On units below 440,000 you should use the old belt 103-0882.

    PARTS NEEDED: Part # Description List Price Disc Code
    103-0882 XP Pump drive belt $18.60 C

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