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Exmark Double Blade INFO!

Acute Cut

LawnSite Senior Member
Bellingham WA
Just wanted to let yall know something i learned from Exmark. This is just a little exerpt from an email from Exmark in reply to the "Can i get more horsepower on my mower" question i asked them. They asked why and i told them of my accessories that i have and about the double blade system that i am currently using. This is what they had to say about it.

"As far as the horsepower requirements you are absolutely correct in your assessment of the bagger and the double blade set up that you run.
However a word of caution. Most if not all lawn mower manufacturers adhere to the ANSI specifications. These are voluntary specifications that relate to safety. By adding a second blade to the spindle shaft you have effectively lowered the blade and it will no longer pass ANSI
certification. Like you we are aware that there are others who are doing the same thing. We don't want to tell you that you can't stack the blades on your mower but we do want you to be informed. We don't want to come across as a "bad guy" here but we do feel an obligation to share the knowledge that our engineers have gained over the years."

Man, what a great company. In case they read this too i just want to say "THANK EXMARK!"

Have a good one yall
Acute Cut



Moderator, Friend, Angel
South East
uuuuhh wud a ANSI? And why should we care about them? Just wondering since it raining outside and i got nothing better to do than wonder


Gulf Shores, AL
American National Standards Institute. Check out ANSI's webpage at http://www.ansi.org for more information. I guess the good folks at eXmark are saying it's your machine and do as you please. However, I use double blades too. I guess my burning question is: are we **more liable** for property or personal damage in a litigation case if we don't follow ANSI recommendations? Hmmmm. Any Lawncare professionals out there who are Bar Members that care to give an opinion?

Eric ELM

Husband, Father, Friend, Angel
Chicago, IL USA
Basically what that letter said is that by adding a second blade, you are lowering the blade by 1/4 inch which is lower than ANSI allows. I'm not sure how the Exmark and some other brands are set up, but on a Dixie Chopper, they have a 1/2" spacer above the blades to lower them down to the correct distance from the spindle. I take that spacer off and put on doubles, so I'm a 1/4" above the limits then on the old Chopper. On the new Chopper, I have a bracket sold by DC to keep the blades in a + possition which is a 1/4" thick, and add the second blade which is another 1/4" thick, minus the 1/2" spacer, so I'm at the same blade distance from the spindles that it was originally. So there must be a way to stay with in regulations with other brands too.