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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by MikeKle, Jun 1, 2008.

  1. MikeKle

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    I have a 2005 turf tracer HP with the ecs controls, ever since I bought it I noticed when Im running it on large properties( over 1 hour on it at one time) my thumbs go numb.I have talked to the dealer and they said theyve never had that complaint before,I also tried calling exmark and left a detailed message,but they never called me back.every so often I take one hand off at at a time and shake it,it doesnt really help though. it doesnt happen on smaller properties that only take around 15-30 minutes to do though.Anyone else have this happen to them? When I use the exmarks with the old pistol grips,it doesnt happen either! I wonder if its practical to convert an ECS model to a traditional pistol grip? If it would work fairly easy,I would be willing to do an even swap with someone that wants the ECS controls.
  2. C&K

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    I mow large properties up to 7 acres with the ecs controls and my hands will sometimes get tired. It could be anything, grip, your wrists angle, your height, distance of your feet from the mower. All of this could play a factor in putting stress on your hands and wrists. Most of the time when I notice that my hands are getting tired it is because I have the mower speed to fast and I am constantly pulling the controls to slow down around obstacles. When I slow the mower down a little I am letting the grip go untill I need to turn.
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    Try putting an S clip or similar extension on the springs for the hydros. It will loosen up the tension about 50%. Do a search on here for my posting and picture of it. If you try it, let me know if it helps you, I bet it does. Will work anywhere except extreme hills.
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    my girl complains about the same thing when she helps me cut

    SILVERSTREAK INC LawnSite Senior Member
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    hah we end up taking turns with our 60" exmark ecs my hands are pretty well blistered and calaced now, my brother with smaller hands can use the thing for about 4 hours before hes about ready to cry with hand pain

    im gonna try the spring thing if i ever find some extra time
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    i dont' think it's the ecs controls themselves, they are basically pistol grip controls upside down. The only difference is they keep your shoulders in tight to your body to reduce fatigue so you don't feel like your riding a motorcycle.

    My first guess is what someone else said, the spring tension on the hydro controls, which you can work with.
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    The controls are great... for the first 30 minutes then they start to get very tiresome. The problem is that when you turn the speed adjustment up the grips move out further so that you have to have a wider grip when running full speed and have to pull the grips in hard when coming to the end of your stripe/turning. . If they were able to make the grips with less resistance the ride would be a LOT more enjoyable.
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    Yes, that is only one of many reasons why I take "frequent short breaks."
    Lets say 1-2 minutes break every 15-20 minutes work.
    Short, frequent breaks.

    I use these in summer to drink water and to cool off.
    The rest of the year I find other things to fill the idle time, it's more about changing the activity for just a bit so as to give your hands a rest. Frequent, short breaks.
  9. RonWin

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    Time is $, not good when your at the mercy of your machine. Your equipment should work for you not the other way around
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  10. appalachianoutdoors

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    Numbness in your thumb and first finger are a sign of carpal tunnel. Try ibuprofen and wearing padded gloves when running the machine. The repetitive squeezing of the controls and the vibration of the machine is causing it, not the particular type of control.
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