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    Thanks for all the info,I visted Encore and Exmark's factory yesterday they are 1 block from each other in Beatrice Nebraska.What bothers me is the fact that the founder of Exmark sold out and started Encore,you would think encore would be as good or better than Exmark,but after reading some of the stories on this web site I couldn't be more WRONG! AT encore they did tell me that they have different type of spindels,also I saw toro's at both places sitting in there warehouses,Whats up with that? NO ENCORE FOR ME!!
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    Hey Huskerharley can't speek for everyone but, I own a 32' comm encore mower, I love it, stong welded decks, twin belts help keep mud and debris from buiding up had it 3 years starts on 2 pull. But the rest of all my equipment is Exmark...

    Hope this helps, I got a good deal when I bought mine and I have no regrets...
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    Go Huskers! I'm from Kearney. Anyways. if you are from Lincoln why don't you go out to Rods Outdoor power? I guarantee they will have anything you need ( except the money ) to get started. They sell Scag, Toro and most importantly John Deere. As far as Exmark vs. Encore, the Exmark is a no brainer. Yes the owner of Encore started Exmark, but the Encore brand doesn't compare to the quality of Exmark. Having said all that I run John Deere. We have three John Deere 665 Mid Z track's and we run all JX85 John Deere walkers. Also, Rod's can be a bit pricy so ask them for a bid then go out to Waverly and talk to a guy by the name of Jerry Landell. He is co-owner of Landell implement and he was my dealer in Kearney until he moved to Waverly to go into business with his brother.
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    I've heard a lot of bad things about Encore mowers on this site. I have a 36" WB that is 5 years old. For the first 3, it was the only mower I used. I'ce used it to cut waist high grass, and other than the 21", it's the only one I hace set up to bag, which it does very well. I won't buy another, but it isn't because this one is bad, but the price has gone up $600, and there are less expensive mowers (Exmark for one) that are cheaper. BTW, my 14 Kawi will usually start on the first pull, and I've never done anything except change the oil, o.f. and a.f. Not even a spark plug. It makes me wonder if Toro's make your bed or something.
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    My encore makes a great bush hog. The 14 kawi on it has never given 1 problem. Unlike my other kawis. As far as the encore, well, most of you know my thoughts. Its a thrown together mower.

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