Exmark - Ferris - Hustler: The stand off

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Insometry, Jul 30, 2004.

  1. Insometry

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    I will keep it quick. Comparing the new ferris (with suspension) Z 60 inch systems to Exmark -- but I mainly have questions about the Hustler.

    My grandpa just got a Hustler. Its alot cheapier then the two machines above...

    Why is it better then the two above? Right now Im at a toss up in testing the two above - they both are excellent machines and they are both about the same price. (Though you get one more inch and better fianacing with Ferris) So if the relatively cheaper Hustler can hold its own - I will prolly go with it just to save money. Does anyone know? Here are the specific questions Im looking at...

    The Hustler:

    1) Does it cut cleaner or the same at fast speeds?

    2) Does it have any kind of seat/suspension that takes away the "bump" of everyday mowing?

    3) I tend to favor the Kawasoki (Sp?) engines over the Kohler. (Sadly - exmark - the brand of my amazing walk behind - seems to like Kohler better on their Z's) Is the Kawa better then Kohler - or am I biased?

    4) Does the Hustler have a reputation of being dependable? (In my mind - Exmark does - If I buy it - it will work over and over. My walk behind is three years old. Can anyone say the same about the hustler?)

    5) What hustler model is comparable to the 60 inch Ferris/Exmark Z's? (25-27 hp engines)

    The Ferris:

    Does anyone have it? Like it?

    Just in case anyones interested....

    Pros and Cons to the exmark/ferris so far.

    Ferris seemed a littler heavier and slower turning ablities. (This is a big nono to me...the turning just seems slower. I dont know how to explain it - cept you have to practically stop each time to avoid tearing grass. Exmark you can get the hang of quick reverse/foward kinda thing...never found that with the Ferris)

    Cutting seemed about even - even though the Ferris had a Kawa - 25 HP and the Exmark had a Kohler 27 HP.

    Suprisingly - the suspension didn't out do the Exmark suspension SEAT hardly at all. Especially considering the safety switch for the Ferris was a tad easy to set off.

    Exmark seemed to chop up the grass discharge a little better then the Ferris. For some reason the Ferris deck is deep at the sides and back - but loses a couple inches of depth in the front...(any reason for this puzzlement?)

    Ferris seat was more comfortable - but taller. So it would prolly get caught up on trees in tight spots.

    Once you were on a hill - Ferris gripped it better (Prolly the weight helps with this. *grin*) However, it was very difficult to "enter" the slope with the Ferris without losing it. (I Blame that on the seemingly slow turning ability)

    Exmark is easier all around with deck view - chute - ect...

    My gut instinct is still the exmark - mainly because my AWESOME dealer still swears by them (even though he sells both) and I have had an Exmark for three years now (turf tracer) and love it. However - the Ferris is a VERY good mower. Heart says Exmark - Mind has no idea.

    Money - does it say Hustler?

    Any thoughts?

  2. Envy Lawn Service

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    1) You will have to see for yourself

    2) Hustler has a suspension seat option. I think it comes standard on the Super Z.

    3) Don't think the engine matters quite as much as the machine ability.

    4) Yes, seems to have just as good a rep

    5) Hustler Z or Super Z (full size)

    The ferris deck just happens to have a raised front deck lip is all. They are actually in the majority as most are designed this way.

    As for the Hustler being cheaper, how much exactly is "a lot"?
    Is that amount worth a gamble on a new dealer when you have and awesome one? Check your priorities...

    Are you financing? Good Credit? Better check that on-line loan calculator before you decide which one is cheaper. Ferris lists 0% for 36 months, not hard to calculate LOL. eXmark lists 3.9% to plug in the calculator for 24 or 36 months... and Hustler has 3.9% for 24 months....
  3. snoopy1028

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    I am a newbie myself, but I just did a shootout on 61's.

    Ferris- I believe have 10 gauge deck.
    Hustler- Made top 2 for me.
    Exmark- Really high here, no discounting, but 2nd to none in reputation from what I read.
    Snapper- I bought a Kohler 27/61/Twin Stick-got it yestaerday-love it. The exmark for the same money would have been a 52.
    Snapper had the 7 gauge deck, donaldson air filter, deluxe seat, etc.

    I would not be afraid of Kohler, in fact I prefer them. I was worried about Kawasaki myself. I believe Briggs just bought Simplicity, which owns Snapper and Ferris.

    Again, I am a NEWBIE, but I love my snapper. I think it is a 2005 model.
  4. Oldtimer

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    The purchase of Simplicity will be completed in the first quarter of 05.

  5. We do 4 U

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    Hustler is a solid machine and cuts dry grass great but when the grass is wet, watch out. The cut quality goes way down.
  6. thelawnkid

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    I think that the hustler is a better machine than both. I own a 60 inch lazer Z liquid cooled with a 27 kawasaki. In the last 2 weeks my partner and i demoed several different mowers. The first demo was a ferris, 60" IS 3000. I was not impressed I would rather have another exmark. It was a good machine, but I didn't like it. Then we tried out a john deere, and I don't think that I would ever buy one of those. And last we demoed a hustler super z with a 60 inch deck and a 25 kawasaki, all I have say is my partner and I have a 60 and a 72 on the way. Here are the things that I like about the super z.

    stronger frame than both machines. the frame has a lifetime warranty.

    standard suspension seat on the super Z

    The super z has larger hydro pumps and motors, and it has quicker ground speed

    the super Z has a hydro oil cooler, neither exmark of ferris has this

    Better warranty

    There is much less resistence on the controll levers, and they are much smoother, and the machine turns quicker than exmark or ferris.

    the hustlers are easier to do maintnence on, there are only 2 belts on the whole machine, and both of them can be changed without tools, and I don't think an oil change could be any easier.

    The super z is just a bad a$$ machine, I think it is far supperior to the ferris, and it is better than the exmark. Call your dealer and demo a super Z they are great mowers
  7. Envy Lawn Service

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    I think Ferris has a DOUBLE 10 gauge top and 7 gauge sides.

    Got any pics of the new Snapper by chance? Haven't seen any of the new ones since they changed the nickname of the machine.
  8. imograss

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    I have the 27/60Super Z. I run doubles yearround and it cuts great, the doubles have tremendous effect on the discharge. It is a yr old with close to 6 hrs, and have had no breakdowns or engine issues. It is extremely easy to service and has only 2 belts on the entire machine. Also has the susp. seat standard. I demoed the comparable Exmark , Choppers, Scag ect. and settled on the Super Z.
  9. Tider6972

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    from Alabama
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    Good to hear you are happy with your SuperZ, Imograss !

    Do you have any issues with wet or damp grass handling, or do you get good results in damp bermuda or St. Augustine with the 'Z ?

  10. hartslawnmain

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    Imo, it's a year old and only has 6 hrs. on it?

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