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Discussion in 'eXmark' started by SRF34, Apr 6, 2006.

  1. SRF34

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    Brian and others: I have been reading all the posts and doing a lot of research and will definately be purchasing an Exmark in the next week. I am mowing an acre weekly and want a "commercial grade" type machine that I can use for the next decade so I have foscused on the CT, HP and AS. I do want a collection system on the back and a deck no bigger than 52. I'm watching my $$ but quality is just as important. Questions: Is there much of a time advantage between 46"-52" on an acre? Would the 19KAW be enough? Do you have a specific setup you would suggest and what be the MSRP? Thanks. Great site!!
  2. eXmark

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    Hello SRF34,
    Thanks for considering the Exmark product line. I'd say there is no noticeable time difference in mowing 1 acre with a 46" or 52". Yes, the 19 Kaw would have enough hp to do what you are mowing. I'd suggest a Lazer CT 21 hp Briggs Vanguard with a 52" deck, this now has a rear bagging option. The MSRP is $6299 for the machine and around $1100 for the bagging system.
    Other options:
    Lazer AS with a 23 hp Kohler Command and a 52" deck $7899 w/o bagger
    Lazer HP with a 20 hp Kohler Command and a 50" deck $7499 w/o bagger
    Thanks Brian
  3. newz7151

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    I would also look into the 48" CT with the 18 Briggs. Also, before jumping into a collection system, perhaps get the mulching kit installed (the full kit, not just a discharge block) and see what you think of the results from that setup.
  4. SRF34

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    if there is no noticeable time difference between decks and horsepower what's your reasoning for the larger machine? - (I am asking this as a positive question not negative.) Does the 48/18 have a collection system? As far as the collection system, picking up the grass is important but getting the leaves in the fall is critical. I have a pretty unique trailer collection system that I would be able to connect to the machine
  5. eXmark

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    MSRP for the Lazer CT 18 hp Briggs Vanguard with the 48 deck is $5799. For $500 more you get 4 inches more of deck width and 3 more hp. I understand you want to keep this mower for 10 years, but I think resale on a 52" mower is also a little better. Just my suggestions.
    Never forget your local dealer might have product he is willing to deal on that will help your decision making process.

    Good Luck,

    P.S. All the CT models have a bagger option
  6. newz7151

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    Brian, is the 48/18 on Promo for 2006 everywhere, or just in certain areas?
  7. eXmark

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    It is a regional promotion probably generated by the local Distributor.
    Thanks Brian
  8. Larry1

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    SRF34, I was in the same shoes about four weeks ago and had the same choices before me. Iv'e got about 1.5 acres after you delete the house, driveway, etc. Brian's right, the CT may be all that you need. However, if you look at it from a resale standpoint, I bet the 50" HP with the 20 Kohler is a better bet. It has the newer Triton deck. Also it would appeal to many more landscape professionals as a used model. The CT is more of a specialty tool. It's a great machine (I almost got the 52" w/19 Kawi) but unless a prof. already has 2 LazerZ's on the trailer, they aren't looking at it (Lazer Z is king in the landscape world). That is unless they have one really rich costumer with a big back yard and a tight gate (my best friend is a prof. and that was his take on it). The HP MSRP is 7499 but I bet you could get it closer to 7000 if you look hard enough (about what I got it for).

    If you have hills, the CT is lower to the ground so thats a plus. However, the HP looks far cooler and will make you neighbors that much more jealous. Also top speed is 9.5 MPH. That won't help you mow faster (you mow at 5 or 6) but it's a lot more fun, and makes the second (checkerboard) cut go by in an instant.

    As for bagging, don't do it. It's a pain in the a'ss. I got the HP so that I could mow my entire yard in 1/2 hour to 45 minutes (lets face it, these machines are overkill for our use). That and I like cool toys. I was mowing 2.5 with a 42", 19hp tractor (up to 4 hours if I was bagging, sucked big time). With the HP I can mow the lawn twice a week for about an hour total and not even mulch. In fact the zero turn is so much fun I might mow it every night. It's kind of like riding a pod racer (star wars reference, I'm a geek like that). Anyway, you can't go wrong with either. Good luck. (9.5 mph, pod racer, WooHoo!)
  9. tonyt

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    I was in the same position a month ago. I check all the local Exmark dealers looking for the best price on a new machine. One dealer had a new still in the crate Lazer CT 18 hp vanguard 44” deck for $4700. I have 2 acres to mow. My son will be doing most of the mowing and I wanted something that he could handle, and I liked the price so I went with that model. I don’t know if I would worry about resale value as most homeowners that buy these machines will likely keep them along time. Also if you deicide to sell the Exmark name will still help you over a Sears model or something like that.
  10. Mr Ricochet

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    Brian, please post the MSRP on the Lazer HP 46, 19 hp KAW. Thanks.

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