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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Andy_, Apr 24, 2011.

  1. Andy_

    Andy_ LawnSite Member
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    I am going to buy a new Exmark to mow my 6 acre yard. Home use only and need advice as to a couple option questions. Thank you. Here are my wants/needs:

    Reliable tough unit that will last for years.(Overkill for my home use is good IMO)
    60" cut
    most comfortable seat
    best engine option
    mulching kit
    Gas engine

    I was thinking the Exmark Lazer Z, X-Series would be my best option?

    If I go with the X-Series:
    Which engine is best with the 60" cut?
    Does the x-series come with the best deck?
    Does this come with the best seat or do I have to order that?
    Is the mulching kit OK, or would you advise against it?
  2. tacoma200

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    Hi Andy, for most people/home owners the 27 Kohler or 29 Kawasaki would do great. Yes the X series has the best deck though they are all good at Exmark. I would highly recommend the "Optional" full suspension seat if your ground is the least bit rough, the standard seat is rough to me anyway. The standard seat is great but not enough suspension for me. Few people mulch in Southern KY, not sure about Illinois, depends on your conditions, the Ultra Cut cuts grass into such small clippings I doubt you'll need a mulching kit. Hope this helps. Make sure to get a good demo, nothing like trying before you buy. You could save some money with the S series, great mowers also.
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    BOSCHERT LAWN CARE LawnSite Member
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    a 60" 27hp kohler e-series with the premium suspension seat would do it, for only $8500 or so but the x-series with a ss installed and a 29hp kaw would be nice
  4. Andy_

    Andy_ LawnSite Member
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    Thanks for the responses
  5. jjurich

    jjurich LawnSite Member
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    I'm a home owner as well and had the same decision back in 2009. I mow a 3-4A lawn that is basically all one big hill. For me it came down to the Turf Tiger from Scag and the Lazer Z, both w/ 60" deck.

    I thought the TT mowed the taller grass better, but didn't cut the clippings as fine. That velocity deck can cut some grass, but it was heavier, lower center of gravity, and I have a lot of clay in the yard around trees, so did more slipping and slidding w/ the TT. The 29 kohler EFI engine was also a bit under powered (bogged down) mowing my hills at the speed I wanted to mow.

    The next laser Z exmark w/ the 29hp kawa motor was more nimble, cut the grass a bit better, (save the really over grown stuff) and gave me a more maniqured look that I found appealing. It didn't slip and slide as much as the TT in the wetter areas of the lawn. I thought the 29hp motor still bogged own a bit going up the hills, and I didn't want any regrets, so I bought the 34hp NLZ (new) and that baby has all the power I could ask for. It mows faster then my back can stand to sit in the seat. It is a beast!!!

    But, it has bad heads and cam (under recall) and just started surging (3600rpm drop to 3300 rpm back and forth) after 30min or so under load. Not sure if that will be fixed w/ the recall as surging to me typically is carb/gas related. Have 111 hrs after 2 years. Tiny tach is sooo nice..

    Other then the engine issue, I love the mower. Oh, but the 34hp drinks gas. God, almighty is drinks gas. 2g / hour, I think is what people have measured.

    They didn't have the the efi/fuel injected kowler or kawa in 2009. Knowing what I know now about gas, I'd give up some power, mow a little slower and save some money on fuel. Course, if gas was still $2.50, I wouldn't care.

    One last note. I really like the TT. I would have bought that and been happy if I didn't tear up the lawn so much (maybe driver error), but the 35HP vanguard special was over and it was more $ then my NLZ, but deep down I wanted that scag. It is a damn nice machine. More heavy duty then the NLZ in my opinion and oh so smooth.

    Oh, and as tacoma mentioned, get the full suspension seat. Worth every penny. The NLZ'z ride rougher then the scags.

    Previous mower was a 72" 24hp kubota zero turn (not a true zero turn, had 4 wheels). The NLZ cut mowing time down by 30-45m and cuts nicer (less scalping, faster blade tip speed).

    Let me know if you have any ?'s, and you've come to a great board to research. Hope to have many care free years of mowing w/ this, just wish I could rig up a seat for my 4 year old to ride better. He's getting big enough, I have problems w/ the bars when I reverse w/ him on my lap :)

  6. jjurich

    jjurich LawnSite Member
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    As to the mulching kit, I didn't get it. I thought the ultracut deck did a good enough job the majority of time. I did get the foot pedal door chute thing though and that is really nice mowing around pavement, mulch beds, etc.

  7. JDiepstra

    JDiepstra LawnSite Bronze Member
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    Hi Andy. I have to say you have gotten some good advice and some bad. I have been mowing commercially for the last 4 years with a 23 hp 60" Lazer Z. I have found it to always have enough power in almost every possible situation. More power is always good, but you will suck down a lot more gas. I learned this the day my mower was down and I used a 27 hp mower. I would also strongly recommend the mulching kit if you have a lot of leaves. I mulched all of the leaves on all of my properties last year and they look great.
  8. pugs

    pugs LawnSite Gold Member
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    The 27HP one could have had higher lift blades or other things robbing extra power causing higher fuel consumption. For the most part 2 engines pulling the exact same load will use very similar amounts of fuel if they are somewhat close in HP.

    Any particular reason you are set on Exmark? You may want to look at Ferris or Scag if you have any amount of bumpy terrain. Suspension will be better than an added on seat any day.
  9. inukeu2

    inukeu2 LawnSite Member
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    I think you can't go wrong with the Next Lazer. I was in a similar place last year and purchased the NLZ with 29 Kawi. I added the stripe kit and OCD as well as the jack setup for changing blades. It is an awesome machine. If I had to do it over I would have ordered the full ss. It will get rough on anything but a sheet of glass. The mulch kit will be handy but if you cut in any wet grass it will clump.

    I too considered the TT. IT had a little long wheel base which I liked. It just turned out to be a better deal to get the NLZ.

    As for fuel consumption these things all suck fuel. I could see a difference between 23hp and 34hp but you won't find an x-series with 23hp.
  10. Andy_

    Andy_ LawnSite Member
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    Went and looked/quoted the Exmark Lazer Z, X-Series with full suspension seat and mulching kit today. I'm OK with the price but....One of my friends called me and told me I should at least go take a look at the Kubota ZD326 Diesel.
    I did go look and can get the ZD326 26hp diesel with the same options for about the same price as the exmark. Sorry for all the questions, but can anyone give me an opinion on that.

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