exmark helping toro and toro helping exmark?

Discussion in 'eXmark' started by Vandora Lawn & Landscape, Aug 21, 2001.

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    How has the aquisition of exmark by toro effected your product lines. Do you share technologies and designs? Have you been able to cut cost through larger volumes of part purchases, ex 3/8 inch nut, sure are a lot of them on mowers. Just wondering.
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    Here is the unofficial view from the man at the plant. I think that we helped each other out. Toro wanted to make a big splash in the Commercial Lawn Care, so they bought a company that was doing very well. We were growing very fast and could use some of the resources a big company like Toro has, like lawyers, guns, and money.

    One thing that I don't think most people realize is Toro is one of our main competitors. So we don't talk back and forth on designs as much as people would think. If we know that our friends at Toro plan to on coming down for a visit, items in our prototype lab go into hiding. Now on the other hand, we do send mowers to Toro for standards testing (ANSIĀ….), and they charge us for it.

    Purchases we can see some savings. If Exmark and Toro use the same parts on a mower, this is where we can save some money. We can go to the vendor and get the part hard tooled, so they can stamp those parts and that makes the parts less expensive. We would then split the cost of the tooling. The same would go if it was a fixture, we would share the cost of the fixture. Other than that, we purchase our parts separately. There are some exceptions.

    I wonder if Big Brother is watching? All joking aside Toro is a great company. I'm glad that it was them that bought us. They have many of the same opinions and views as Exmark.

    Thanks, Fred.

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