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Discussion in 'eXmark' started by Tower Rat 95B, Mar 22, 2008.

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    Just curious what is the story behind the best mower company in the industry? Stuff like when the company was started and where and there early mowers,,,,,,, I know what your think odd post but before I bought my 1st Exmark in 2001 I ahd never even heard of the Exmark lawn mower Company , there were no dealers in my area and I was fully aware of the other big name brands even if there was no local dealer , but no dealers or even talk of Exmark......... btw I bought my Lazer on impulse I had gone to my Ransomes dealer to buy a new compact Z and was surprise to find that he drop the Ransomes line and took on this new Exmark line, had no clue about the unit just bought it cause thats what my dealer switched to...........

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    Tower Rat 95B,

    Good question! Here's a quick timeline that outlines the Exmark story.

    1982: Exmark Mfg. Incorporated began w/ 7 employees in a modest garage (only WBs)
    1986: 5-speed walkbehind and the 21" self propelled unit are launched
    1989: 4th plant expansion, and Explorer is launched (wins Innovative Product Award)
    1990: Turf Ranger and Turf Tracer 5-speed introduced
    1991: Turf Tracer Hydro introduced; employee count 60
    1995: Lazer Z introduced
    1997: Exmark becomes part of The Toro Company
    1999: UltraCut deck introduced; employee count 337
    2001: ECS introduced; UltraVac introduced; employee count 479
    2005: Navigator launched; Engineering R&D Department organized; employee count 630
    2008 & Beyond: ??

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