Exmark hour meter runs fast

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Smooth Operator, Nov 5, 2000.

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    The hour meter clocks up 1.2hrs. for every actual hour run.I know time flies when you're having fun but this is ridiculous! Seriously though I know that tach based meters show less hrs. than electrics due to varying engine rpm. For instance on a Case 580 at work with both meters by the time the tach hr. meter read 4000hrs. the electric read well over 5000hrs. and no it wasn't from the switch being left on overnite as the electric one only runs when it senses oil pressure same as on the mower. Never checked the electric meters on the equipment for accuracy though. Anyone else out there noticed this?
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    I have a Walker, 3 years old. Get this, the first year I owned the mower,things were fine. The second year we used it, the hr. meter appeared to be speeding up,i'd say couple hrs. use to 1 actual hr. use. The third year I was kinda pissed and told the dealer about the problem. They seemed to be puzzled about this and tried to fix problem without putting a new meter in. To make a long story short, when we got the machine back things seemed ok, couple of weeks later the meter started turning backwards. My walker now has 8600 hrs. on it(great selling point huh?!) The actual reading is approx 1200hrs.....I know I use the machine around 400hrs per yr. Anyways, just some funny imput. I will say this.....thats the only weird thing i can say about that machine....its one of the best ivestments we have made, and we're getting another one in the spring.
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    Never checked or calibrated either type. However, rpm's should not affect the operation of the tach/hr types. Also, the mechanical types. Are they major brands? Those companys only make gauges and hr meters, thats their niche, their livlyhood depends on their accuracy. If its broke, replace it. How hard is that. But as for it being off slightly, check each with a stopwatch.

    Airguide makes a nice one that requires 8-32 VDC it runs about $30 in Northern.

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