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Well first let me say welcome to LS and congratulations on your recent purchase.

The turf tearing can be drastically reduced if not eliminated.

First we'll address the zero turn turfing. Most beginners will "plant" the pivot wheel or leave it stationary and swing the mower around it. That's probably the worst thing to do. With new operators I like to stick them on a machine and make them come to a COMPLETE stop before making a turn. I also have them begin by pulling the pivot wheel into reverse before driving the outside wheel forward. Example: To make a right hand turn come to a complete stop. Pull the RH lever into reverse then bring the LH lever forward to complete the turn. This will prevent the pivot wheel from twisting the grass out by its roots.

For tree rings there are only a couple of choices I know of. Some of the guys here on LS my have better ideas. First time with a trim mower or weed whip. Not a great choice but a choice just the same. Second simply drive past the ring in a straight line. Once past stop, swing the deck into the ring in the same manner you make a zero turn, drive past and repeat. This is how I do the tree rings. It's not nearly as fast as driving around the ring but it does less damage to the turf. Ironically a guy told me that backing around the tree did less damage as well. After I watched the guy a couple of times I understood why. He couldn't back up smoothly and was constantly swinging the deck back into the tree ring. Just make sure your not leaving the inside tire in one place while making the turn.


1 - 1 of 3 Posts