Exmark hydralic hoses leaking

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by tacoma200, Aug 7, 2006.

  1. tacoma200

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    Well my Lazer Z has some very slow leaks on 3 out of 4 hydraulic hoses. I have been taking pictures and trying to keep a record but it is almost impossible to tell if it is the hose seeping or the conection. I am going to keep a picture record to show Exmark before the warranty runs out and I'll make sure to keep an eye on the oil level. I live in a rural area. Is this a job I can trust the local Exmark/feedstore mechanic to fix properly or should I take it to a larger dealer with a better mechanical staff to make sure all hoses are fixed properly. It will be hard to tell the leaks are so slow if he did a good job for a while. Any secrets to doing the job correctly? Seems odd to have so many leaks or seeping but I got it on the digital camera clean and as it starts to leak. I'm going to suggest putting new hoses on. Is this out of the ordinary to have 3 leaking? It is one year old and has lost less than one quart.

  2. tacoma200

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    More pics of the same


  3. Kartracer55

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    That looks more like seeping than leaking to me but Im not a hydraulics expert.

    Clean off the hoses with a bit of Wd40 on a rag and then keep an eye on how much they are leaking. Honestly, if its not dripping and your not loosing tons of pressure I wouldnt worry THAT much but I would definetly keep an eye on it.

  4. tacoma200

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    Not that worried, but I'm still have a warranty. Might as well get them fixed before they get worse. I agree it looks more like seeping. I have pressure washed them but it's still hard to tell exactly where it's from. thanks
  5. tomo

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    hello, may as well get them fixed under warranty. Leak may or may not get worse. Appears they are only crimp fittings ,if it was out of warranty u would use reusable. Crimp fittings r least desirable if u have a choice. Replace fittings into wheel mtr also.[this covers problem if it arrises from the mating surfaces between hose fit & mtr fitting] tomo
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    Mine were like your first picture....but that was after probably 4 years and 1500hrs. Never lost fluid enough to have to add, so I never mentioned it to the buyer. Once pressure washed off and clean, they would stay that way for a week or so.

    This is one area that I feel the solid SS hydraulic lines on the Hustler would be better.
  7. Ziob

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    just gonna bump this to the top as i'm having the same issue with my exmark lazer hp seems one of the lines has a slow leak / seap like this clean it in the am by the end fo the day it looks like these pictures........do you guys recommend replacing the line thats seaping or do you just run them until they become worse? i'm not leaking enough hydro fluid to even really check it often just worried it may blow out? i'm taking it they get progressively worse until they fail correct? any input would be appreciated
  8. Techno

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    Hydro hose leaking causes. Bad hose. Cheap hose. Clogged filter. Wrong oil (too thin) . Bad pump ( getting hot) causing oil to be thinner than normal. Air leak on input side ( also causes pump to get hot). Some ideas.
  9. Ziob

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    its only one hose leaking machine only has 600 hours on it filter changed new oil exactly what they recommend.....slight "leak" figure i run it its ok for it to seap if it gets worse then replace the line if it stays shouldn't be a problem.
  10. McFarland_Lawn_Care

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    I had this exact same problem with my 07 Toro Z master last fall - I just picked up two short hoses and all the rubber o-rings. It was only like $50 or so and I'm replacing them this week. Always used the correct Mobil oil - I think they just get tired and start a slow seeping after awhile. This mower has a little over 800 hrs - think I'll look for a mower with unitized hydro system this season (without any hoses).

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