Exmark hydro problem


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I have a 2003 exmark lazer z that the right side hydro pump went out on last year. Over the winter i rebuilt it and have been using it all summer. It has a had a slight jerk when going from forward to reverse and at slow speeds. I changed the pump drive belt, checked the pivot and greased it, new steering dampers and it still has a slight jerk. The tech guy at hydro gear suggested changing the return lines as they have seen them get old and collapse causing a slight jerk on each side as the pressure change can’t move the fluid through for a split second due to the hose collapsing with the pressure change. Both pumps were equal in power and response and both sides had the slight jerk so we assumed it is something that involves both pumps. I ordered the return lines and changed them along with the filter jacked it up to purge the air and now the right side won’t turn and it pushes the fluid out the top of the reservoir?? I didn’t mess with any other part of the system. Any ideas on how to fix it?? I work on all of my own stuff but I am confused at this point. Any help would be appreciated


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Lehi Ut
Maybe double check that the lines are all routed the correct way and that they aren't pinched.