Exmark hydro problem


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trying to narrow down my hydronic problem on my 2013 exmark lazer z with 1300 hours on it. Was mowing a yard just finishing up got the mower to the trailer and notice the wheel had oil on it not really any noticeable slack in driving anyway broke it down and found out that the wheel motor seal had been pushed out didn't think much of it got a new one and put it in. Before putting the wheel back on I tested it and noticed that the pressure on it was higher then it should b after runnin it for a couple min it blew the seal back out. Checked the magnetic screws for excess metal shavings. Doesn't seem like anymore then normal with. The hours on the machine just looked like a little grease on the tip anyways this leads me to believe that it is excessive pressure coming from pump and not the wheel motor has anyone come across this?