Exmark Hyrdo bdu-10a blown seal!

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by Robebob, Jun 20, 2007.

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    ok I added a hydraulic fluid cooler to my exmark lazer Z purged the system of air or so i thought, drove it around without the blade engauged, it got about a total of 20 minutes of run time on it before i started using it, unloaded and engauged the blade for the first time of the day and i didnt get
    30 feet and the front seal closest to the hydro blew out loosing all the fluid in a matter of seconds. i got a seal kit from my dealer and installed a new seal and reinstalled the pump. but i havent started it yet. my local dealer told me that i had an air pocket behind seal and once i put it under a load thats what blew the seal. has any one ever had this problem happen. my question is what the heck caused it to blow out, the hydros have 1200 hours on them. and is there a special procedure to bleed the air out of the system before use??? HELP please
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    A basic bleed procedure is putting the back of the unit on jack stands (no load) and move the sticks full forward then full reverse slowly (not snatching) at 3/4 throttle or more 8/10 times.

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