exmark/kaw power droppage w/ engaging blade

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I have the same problem with mine, was thinking of posting on it too. Saw thread on engaging blades at low rpm to save clutch but when I engage at less than 3/4 throttle the engine stalls. This can't be good for it either, probably better off to smoke the clutch a little IMO. Other than this it has plenty of power, I've been mowing areas that haven't been mowed all year with no power problems. Just try to minimize the number of clutch engage/ disengagements I guess. Are you happy with it otherwise ?


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That will happen with my Kohler. Especially on the first lawn of the day it will sometimes stall out. after the first lawn it is OK though. The power is fine the rest of the day also. I guess my mower is a lot like me, it hates the morning.

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That is not good at all you might as well get a res mower then.You start it on high speed:D.I would suggest notifying exmark both of you and tell them the problem and ask why and what they could do and what you could do I`ve heard they are good with customer service or if you do not want to wait call em up on the phone and raise hell.:D


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The kawi on my exmark and my encore do the same thing. Its just the instant load put on it. You can still engage the blades at a lower rpm.