Exmark Kawasaki 17hp surge problem

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by hockeyguy, Apr 6, 2005.

  1. hockeyguy

    hockeyguy LawnSite Member
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    I have a Exmark Metro 48" with a 17hp Kawasaki on it, and i have a bad surging problem when it is at idle. I doesn't stall or anything, and it has great power while mowing, it just surges very bad at idle. I have took off and cleaned the entire carb, and changed the fuel filter. Anyone have and suggestions as to what i can do to fix this. Thanks
  2. hockeyguy

    hockeyguy LawnSite Member
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    anyone have any advice?
  3. 430 boy

    430 boy LawnSite Member
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    Hi buddy depend on why carburtor you have there may or may not be adjustable
    What it sound like is you have to adjust the low idle screw but as I said you might not have this screw.
  4. sawman65

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    kaw has many problems with this the most common is the vent tube it need to be longer and run it behind the starter the wind from the flywheel is the culprit it only takes a little wind to make it do what you are saying it is doing

    the best advice i can give you is get a kohler and put it on that exmark and you will have no problems last year at the end of the season i had 10 or more of those fh engines laying around the shop that had to be replaced
  5. kmclawn

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    I posted this before but my JD with the Kaw 17 hp did the same thing. I had my local JD dealer work on it for me but it ended up being dirt in the idle circuit. He did a very good cleaning of the carb and the problem quit. It really surged bad at idle but when I engaged the snowblower attachment it smoothed the surge out. Now it runs like a champ. Hope this helps.

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