Exmark - Kohler 28efi Not soon enuf

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by MOW ED, Feb 20, 2003.

  1. MOW ED

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    Just got back from toy shopping and I found out that the 03 Exmark Lazers are gonna have a 28EFI. You may know that but what you may not know is that the first possible delivery date is JULY.
    I think Kohler has some problems. Mayby not but it sure isn't gonna help sales of Exmarks this early season if you are lookin for an EFI.
    I don't know of any other major changes in design except for some engine upgrades.
    I guess I'll have to look for a 26EFI still in the crate from last year if I go with the Lazer.

    I also am interested in the Hustler Super Z, although they dont push them, they don't talk bad of them. I want something that will do dethatching and bagging then put the bagger away til fall. The Walker still is my workhorse for the lawns that I do.

    I arranged a demo for the spring. Hustler Super Z vs. Exmark Lazer on my customers lawns. I can't wait to see who wins because they don't believe that my Walker does them easier. I know the Walker works well on them with the 52 deck but I still want to see the Z's.

    Anyone looking for new Lazers?

    Hustler Super Z?

    How does one bag compared to the next?

    I'd search but this site won't let me.
  2. mowerconsultant

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    I would like to let you know there is a new catcher coming to the Hustler Z's and Super Z's
    They should be available for your dealer to order next month.
    I do not have any pricing at this moment.
    This along with our current Bac-Vac gives you both catcher options on your Hustler.
    Here is a pic....

  3. mowerconsultant

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    Another pic......

  4. mowerconsultant

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  5. John Gamba

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    How Many Bushel's?
    Thanks John
  6. unclepaul

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    we run a 26 efi lazer with a 3 bag ultra vac and it works great with killer power. Our 72 26 efi lazer is great too, very surprised with the power on the 6ft deck!
  7. Hustler "Ultra Vac" LOL

    Very good idea guys. Some like the soft cloth bags so they can lift in their truck, and some dump at the curb.
  8. CO.d 502nd

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    Friend of mine will be disapointed with this news ,he put a lazer on order with the 28efi.
    Dunno about the hustler never owned one but the exmark with ultra vac is fantastic .It very rarely plugs and will bag wet leaves great.Great mower great vac system.
  9. Brieldo

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    I just posted in the eXmark forum this week and the boys from eX said it'd be ready mid-march. I've already contacted Kohler and am waiting to hear back from them. I need my mower or I'm going toh ave some very unhappy accounts!!!! :angry:

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