Exmark Laser Z HD or Grasshopper 100 Series

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Ted Soileau, Oct 22, 2008.

  1. Ted Soileau

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    New to this site and have been doing a lot of reading. Bottom line, I am looking at buying an Exmark Laser HD, 19HP Kawaski. 46" cut or a Grasshopper 100 series, mid mount with 20 HP Kohler, 48" cut. The price difference is about $700 between the Exmark and the Grasshopper. I have about 2-2.5 acres to cut. I want a mower that will last a long time--maybe the last one. Both machines from what I understand are commercial? Did check the price of a Tiger Cub with 48" cut and 26hp Briggs but it was $1200 more than the Grasshopper. I believe both dealers are dependable with the Exmark being about 30 miles away compared to the Grasshopper which is 10 miles--so dealer is not a big deal. All advice is appreciated.
  2. Mowingman

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    The Grasshopper does have all commercial components, including heavy duty wheel motors and hydro. pumps. It should be good for 20 years if you do the basic maint. on it.
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    Have you checked bad boy? They are definately the most bang for your buck. Search for bad boy mowers on google and it should be one of the first results.
  4. hornet506

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    Most of the $700 difference between a Grasshopper and Exmark can be seen in the hydro system. Grasshopper runs synthetic fluid with 5 or 7 micron filtration. Grasshopper's attention and engineering in the hydro system far surpasses any of the competitors. If anyone wants to test that theory ask an exmark dealer what internal components are available for a pump or wheel motor on any expark machine. They'll tell you you have to buy a new hydro or wheel motor. Grasshopper provides parts breakdowns for pumps and motors to its dealers. So if you need a seal, you can buy it.
  5. Ted Soileau

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    I called a dealership in another state that sold both Exmark and Grasshopper. The salesman stated that both were very good mowers but with the models that I was considering, the Exmark was really more commerical and that I would actually cut more grass in less time with the Exmark. Again, he said that either way I couldn't go wrong.
    Went to an Exmark dealer that was only 10 miles away and his price matched the one who was 30 miles away--bought the Exmark although it was 700 more than the grasshopper. Cut the grass once--have to get used to the handleing but wow--cut grass on the fly.
    Thanks to all of you who provided feedback.

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