Exmark Launches Next Lazer Z Web Site

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    Exmark Launches Next Lazer Z Web Site
    New Site Allows Users to Experience the Evolution of Exmark's Premier Mower

    Landscape professionals awaiting a glimpse of Exmark's new Next Lazer Z mower can get that and more at www.nextlazer.com. The new Web site includes 360-degree views, video and photos of the Next Lazer Z, as well as an overview of new features and interviews with several of the Exmark employees behind the development of
    the mower.

    "Exmark believes landscape professionals must experience the Next Lazer Z to really understand and appreciate the new user-friendly features,"
    said John Cloutier, Exmark Senior Marketing Manager. "We've tried to create an experience online that allows users to examine, from every angle, the Next Lazer Z before ever stepping inside a dealership."

    Web site visitors can also request information about taking a demonstration at a dealership. The Next Lazer Z will be introduced at select dealerships in November. The mower will be available for purchase across Exmark's network of 1,500 dealers by the end of 2008.

    Exmark, a leading manufacturer of commercial mowers, unveiled the Next Lazer Z today at the GIE+EXPO in Louisville, Ky. The Next Lazer Z is an evolution of Exmark's core product, the Lazer Z. Three years in the making, the Next Lazer Z includes dozens of enhancements designed to reduce maintenance, improve traction and handling, and make the mower safer and more comfortable for landscape professionals.

    To learn more about the Next Lazer Z, visit www.nextlazer.com.

    About Exmark
    Exmark Manufacturing was incorporated in May 1982 as an independent manufacturer of professional turf care equipment. Today, it is the leading manufacturer of commercial mowers for the landscape professional. In addition to designing, building and marketing quality turf care equipment, Exmark's goal is total customer satisfaction. All Exmark mowers, from walk- behinds to zero-turn riders and out-fronts, are designed to help customers increase productivity while delivering unmatched cut quality. Products are sold to distributors and dealers who share our commitment to customer service and quality products.
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    I saw this at the GIE show last week and it's amazing.
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    I hade a demo with 1 of these and was very pleased to see the triton deck gone. We currently run 27/60 lazers with ultracuts. This unit was 38/60 (way over-powered) but I've heard that this 38 will not be available on production units. Unfortanetly, i did not get to try the deck with a mulch kit & thick spring grass but I'm confident that it will preform as it should.

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