eXmark lazar- bagging system


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I'm in the process of buying a new zrt. Exmark has the lazar and the lazer hp(smaller footprint). I like the looks of the lazar 52" but nobody can tell me if the bagging system will fit on it. All the info I find says its made for the hp version. Does anyone know if the exmark bagger will fit on both the Lazar and the Lazar HP?



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Eric,I have that 52"Lazer HP and plan on adding the Ultra Vac System to it soon.The ultra vac is designed for the lazer Z Hp units 44",48"and 52" only.It is a spindle driven system that has a 64 gallon capacity...hope this helps.


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The Z HP bagging system (intro 1999) fits the smaller Lazers.

They NEW have a bagging system for the FULL SIZE Lazer due out this fall.


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They are correct, the bagger will fit the hp. I have one ordered for fall for my 52 Laser. I tried the bagger last year and was very impressed by it, bags extremly good, just don't like the fact that it adds 18 inches onto your width and about 24 inches to the back. Takes up a lot of trailer. Triple bagger comes out in Jan. for the big lasers. $1200 for small one, I think $1700 for the bigger one.