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Exmark Lazer AS 52"/28hp KAW


LawnSite Bronze Member
Cleveland Ga
Needing some opinions on this mower.

Currently own Hustler Mini-Z 19hp/52". In the off season I will most likely be buying a new mower with more motor. Want something with more power and deeper deck.

Early on, I am looking at either a HUSTLER SuperZ 54" XR-7/25hp KAW or EXMARK Lazer AS Ultra-cut 52"/Kaw 28hp.

My requirements:
GREAT cut (of course)
Hold hills well
Stripes well
Decent speed (10mph at least)
foot controlled height adjustment (able to lift deck with foot for "high spots")

Is the 28hp Kawasaki a good engine?
How does the Ultra Cut do here in south (Bermuda, Fescue, Zoysia)
What kind of fuel consumption compared to the current 52/19 I have?

ANY more info you guys could provide would be greatly appreciated.

As for why only these two mowers:
Lesco - Not real impressed with the WB I have now
SCAG - Very expensive in my area
Gravely - demoed one last year and was not impressed

That's pretty much it in my area.

Thanks guys!!!