Exmark Lazer As Vs Scag Wildcat

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by NORTHMAN, Mar 28, 2008.


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    I'm trying to compare these two mowers and I need help please,the Exmark Laser AS,60" Ultra-Cut,28 hp Kawasaki,retail $8999,the Scag Wildcat,61" Velocity,27hp Kohler,retail $9600,I would get a bagger for either one and I'm sure I can do better on the price.Thanks for any help.
  2. tacoma200

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    The Lazer AS is a full size frame ZTR though it doesn't have all the bells and whistles of a regular Lazer (still has plenty). I usually compare a Lazer and a Turf Tiger. Nothing wrong with either unit but I've not driven the Wildcat. The decks are both good but cut differently. The Velocity plus cuts wet grass better but doesn't cut the clippings up as fine as the Ultra Cut. You've narrowed it down to a couple of good ZTR's.
  3. ProStreetCamaro

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    If a finely manicured lawn is what your looking for then get the UltraCut. It is tried and proven to cut our fine northern fescue carpet smooth. Tacoma is right on the money with what he said. May I also suggest taking a good hard look at a Gravely 160Z or 260Z. They both have the X-Factor deck which is right on par with the UltraCut but doesnt clump as bad as the UltraCut in wet conditions.
  4. newtostone

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    Those are two great mowers. I have a scag wildcat which has been good to me, very few times when something breaks. But just as everyone here has said the cut is a bit different, my friends with the lazer have a carpet finish, mine while it cuts everything well it doesnt cut perfect. I just bought a Lazer As with the 28 Kawi to improve cut quality as thatÂ’s something has always bothered me with scag. Ill be sure to let you know how the exmark cuts i know this saterday ill get about 6 hours in on it with some spring cleanups. I love doing a final mowing after we get everything sucked up. Just another thing to note, the lazer as has 12cc hydro pumps the wildcat has 10cc pumps (one of the few things that bugged me was the jittering while going up a hill full speed and under load, i would like to think that even though its only 2cc more the exmark with do that less often.) If you have any direct questions about the wildcat ask and ill answer what I can.
  5. cybervision

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    I was looking at both a Wildcat and a LazerZ with the Ultra Cut today. I thought I had my choices narrowed down to a 7IRONII or the Velocity decks but now I am not sure.

    I am cutting a little over an acre on thick manicured lawn. I mostly have clay soil that does not drain so often I am cutting in damp or wet areas.

    Here are my concerns from what I read and demoed:

    1. The 7IRONII cuts and disperses the clippings very well but they are not chopped up at all.

    2. The Ultra Cut does not do as well in damp grass. I am also not sure how well the Ultra Cut disperses and chops the clipping up.

    3. The Velocity does not finish as well.

    I have demoed the 7IRONII but have not demoed the other 2 yet. For my application I am trying to achieve a good cut on thick northeastern grass with the clippings cut up and dispersed well in both dry and wet condition. I will demo the other machines as soon as the grass grows again.

    Any specific input on these maters would be greatly appreciated.

  6. tacoma200

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    The Ultra Cut will recycle the clipping more, especially with the notched high lift blades. It will not handle the wet grass as well as the other two. It should leave a more manicured look than the other 2 when dry with very small clippings. The Ultra Cut has more vacuum/lift than any deck I have used yet. You can go across a black top drive that has grass clippings on it and the Ultra Cut will suck them up and blow them a long distance (you can often use it in place of a hand blower) leaving a clean drive way behind it. While the Velocity plus deck kind of scatters the clippings to some extent. But then again it's a trade off, the Velocity Plus never clumps, handle the tall wet stuff, but the clippings are longer and with the larger discharge chutes the velocity/speed of air flow is less than the Ultra Cut but wider. I don't have first hand knowledge of of the 7 Iron II deck but base this on talking to owners and reading hundreds of post, it handles similar to the Velocity Plus.
  7. tacoma200

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    Dry to normal grass, Ultra Cut excellent
    Wet tall grass Ultra Cut may clump or clog
    The Velocity Plus and 7 Iron II decks have the best reputation in wet tall grass but as you say the trade off is longer clippings but they are dispersed so well you don't notice them with the Velocity Plus.
  8. greengiant9963

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    I have run all three of the above 7iron, Ultra Cut and Velocity. For the best cut Ultra Cut is hard to beat. But anything long or on the wet side you will get alot of clumping. The 7 iron and Velocity give a good cut just not as smooth but both handle the tall wet stuff great. If I could only choose one it would be the Scag Velocity. Just my 2 cents.
  9. tacoma200

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    From a man that's run all 3. I couldn't have said it better.
  10. JJS

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    i bought a exmark zero the second year it was out, i just sold it for 2500.00 last year a bought another one, w/ bagging system, go with the kohler engine with the largest horsepower you can get if your gonna put a bagger on it, the bagger draws on the horsepower while going up steep hills.

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