Exmark Lazer HP 23hp 52in 2003 need Help???

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by mc752000, Oct 31, 2007.

  1. mc752000

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    I have a problem, needing your expertise. While mowing grass the mower just seems to start to die, so I open my steering arms, turn pto switch off and pull emergency brake up and it keeps running. Sometimes if I do all that then I go to put the brake back down and turn pto switch on it starts to die out again. Help me if you can?? Thank You
  2. Restrorob

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    Check the seat safety switch, It could be loosing contact when bouncing around but re-gain contact sitting still.
  3. outdoorpower

    outdoorpower LawnSite Member
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    As restorob says, that is probable, and depending on how old the machine is, and engine, if it is a 30hp kohler they have had a TSB for loss of power on rough terrain due to carb. mm size
  4. Jason Pallas

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    there's also a "anti-tip" sensor switch that could be causing the problem too. it's a sensor/switch that shuts the engine down if the unit tips over (or begins to tip over). i had the exact same symptoms last year and this switch was the culprit. it's located under the seat area. Restrorob could probably tell you how to bypass it in order to test it (i can't remember off the top of my head).

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