Exmark Lazer spindle


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I have an Exmark Lazer ZTR, 52" deck. I noticed 1 of the 3 blade spindle's had a tiny, almost inperceptible movement to it last time I changed out blades. Never the less, all 3 were rock solid until now. Is this something that needs immediate attention? I'm getting a good cut but wonder if this spindle will develope more and more play as time goes on or is this insignificent at this point and just something to monitor as time goes by. Can't afford unnecesary down time but also don't want a major problem down the road either. Thanks for input.

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Eric ELM

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Just keep checking it. I had one on my Chopper when it was new that had a slight movement. It lasted until I had almost 3,000 hours on it and then it was getting so it had a little slop to it, so I had new bearings put in it. The other 2 are still nice and solid and that's the first spindle I've had the bearings changed on in all the years of mowing. This seems to prove that double blades don't damage your spindle bearings.


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My Grasshopper had the same thing, slight movement. The dealer replaced all the spindle bearings, under warrenty.