Exmark Lazer vs. Walker GHS


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I am going to be taking on some commercial accounts next year as well as some more residential properties and I believe I will likely need a Rider to keep up with the demand. My local Dealer carries Exmark lazers as well as Walker and Scag. I used a Walker very briefly a few years ago and I like the way It stripes and manuevers, I have never used a Lazer but have heard a lot of good things about them from this forum. Please let me know what you think. Scag is also an option but I am leaning more towards the other two. Any input is welcome or other suggestions welcome. Thanks

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Much in the Search function on all of this but I will give you my opinion.
I own a Walker 26hp GHS mower with a 42" deck. I also own a Toro Proline 15hp Hydro 44" walk behind. This works for MY situation. I have customers that want grass bagged and I do many dethatchings as well as leaf cleanups in the fall. The Walker is priceless for this.
I don't own Lazers but they are supposed to be fast.
I personally didn't like Scags handlebar set-up but thats just my opinion.
You have to figure what will work for MOST of your accounts and then narrow your choices down.

Whatever you do, try and demo each mower for a day or more if possible. If the dealer won't let you then try and find a district sales manager. Its like buying a car and once you give the cash over its yours. Good Luck.

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I jsut wrote a novel to KEvin Gram in the "getting ready to buy a 61" DC" thread. Read it if ya are intereted in my opinion. (Is on DC vs Exmark vs Scag)

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I own ,maintain,and operate a 93 walker with a kubota 3cyl gas engine.......can swap decks in about 10 minutes.can go from 42" mulch to a 42" bag to a 54" side discharge with out a problom...dethatch and vacum in one swipe.there are a lot of assories being made for theses units which make them a very easy choice.....down fall is they are very high maintence machines but if you can work on your car you can work on this unit and save a lot of $$$$$$$$$$the kubota
engine has a life expetency of 5000 hrs and the hydros if maintAINE PROPERLY can get 3000 hrs or better although one peice of mowing equiptment will never everything this unit sure does a lot i have a 21" toro and a36" belt drive mid size and i can cut anything i get one big tip i can give you just from hearing everyone else is to stay on top of repairs and if your a small outfit DON'T LET NOONE ELSE DRIVE it after all if they hit a root your the one that has to start buying gear boxes which it has three at about $135.

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I used a walker before and I hated it. It was way to slow and i don't like the 3rd wheel. I've used the 72" lazer efi, the 52 Great Dane surfer, the 60" scag 3 wheel rider, the 60" lazer w/ 22 kohler, and the 60"liqid cooled scag turf tiger. I liked the 72" lazer efi the best, but with a 60" deck and not the 72". The 72" was just to big for landscaped areas and not good with hills. The lazer cut real nice too. I am planning on buying a rider next year and I'm thinking about a Great Dane surfer or a lazer. The one mower I would never buy is a Walker. First I don't bag ANY lawns so there is no use for a walker and second walkers are not productive enough for me. I can be more productive with a walkbehind than a walker. So any way RYAN if I where you I would get a lazer. Thats just my .02 cents. good luck


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I have a 26hp efi Walker 48"GHS and I've found it to be
excellent. I knocked 7 hours off one subdivision job I have.
However if you don't bag then I would look elsewhere.
The Walker is durable and with the speed up pulley,they are
fast enough for me.



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not to knock walkers, but it seems like they found out how behind they are in alot of areas, & came out with accessories to try & make up for their short comings, like:
-lower profile tires with knobs for better traction (you don't get to keep the originals either without a nice big cost)
-quick(er) hitch system to speed up swapping attachments (10-15 min. in the field is a LONG time to be down every time you want to swap a deck)
-speed up pulley to make it go halfway faster
-rear door deflector so guys don't have to buy another deck to discharge clippings
-poly ramps to be able to get over a curb
-double wheel setup in the back to help it mow across a hill, which is one of its shortcomings; I demoed a few extensively)
Anyways, all mowers have their pros & cons, & I met the walker bros. at expo last yr. & they're great guys. I just can't see piling on all the extras it should have had in the first place, & boy lemme tell ya, all those extras ain't cheap!!
Just thought I'd put in my own experiences; if you mow flat ground & do lots of bagging, consider one.


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We have a few different model Scags (WBs, 3wheelrider, Tiger), and one Walker (diesel with GHS). A few weeks ago we were getting tired of the maintenance requirements of the Walker; it gets used on all sorts of jobs - and can't really take the same beating as the Scags. After some deliberation, my brother and I decided to have it repaired because some necessary parts were starting to wear out, including the blower, the fan, and more. We usually work on stuff ourselves but had no time to really sit down with the machine. It was tied up at the dealer for about a week. Things seemed fine without the machine - no worker complaints except where they had to bag the old way, and only a few customers who actually noticed the difference in stripes/bagging results. The men did ask about when the machine would be back, because they seemed to miss it. My brother and I were ready to sell the machine. We decided to put it back into the rotation, and it literally shaved hours off of the guys route each day it was used. So, now we are happy with the machine, and satisfied that our productivity is better with it, since it fits the needs that our commercial and nice residential lawns have. Once you decide the requirements your lawns have, you may have an easier time deciding which machine to buy. Demo each one until you find the right one. When you demo - don't just use it for a day - try it for a few, or at least line up the accounts you need to try it on. That is - try the Walker on wide open lawns as well as tight spots and try moving the Lazer or equivalent in and out of smaller commercial fronts or large wide open lots.


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Lazers and Walkers are both good mowers. However with Walker you need 3 different decks if you want to bag, side discharge or mulch. They should get with the times like Grasshopper and have one deck that does it all!

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