Exmark lazer Z 23 Kohler charging issue

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by Chazmo, Jul 6, 2012.

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    I have gone thru 3 batteries this spring. The mower runs fine for a bit but voltage dissipates over time til the mower no longer will start. I put a new Exide 350 CCA in today it started right up. Reved up the RPM on the mower and Put a meter on the battery there is no voltage surge at all. This leads me to believe I have a Regulator or alternator issue? I am looking for diagnostic advice Please. I was having some clutch issues last season where PTO would sporadically not engage- could this be related?.

    Another issue may be unrelated? the motor does not consistently respond to the throttle- particularly when I trying to throttle down. Throttle wires move appropriately on the carb but the RPM sometimes do not reduce.

    My Air went out on the house this week and I am trying not to have to see the dealer if possible$$$

  2. TLS

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    I just had the regulator go bad on mine. The 3 prong plastic plug was melted. I think the terminals get dirty over the years and build up resistance, thus heating up and frying it.

    Your symptoms are similar.
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    Check your fuses..
    Unplug the 3 wire plug on the regulator..clean the connections and plug back in..
    make sure the regulator has a good ground...either a wire or a strap...clean connections.

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