Exmark Lazer Z 56 problem

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by Grant1, Oct 8, 2009.

  1. Grant1

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    Im new to the forum but having been looking at it for a awhile now. I just picked up a new (leftover Lazer Z56 with a 23 Kaw. Cuts good however the left hand control keeps sticking in the forward detent. This only does it when the engine is running. It has created some scary moments. I tried to contact the dealer I picked it up from but his office is closed.Has anyone else experienced this problem. Is there any adjustment that I need to look for. I would really like to use the machine but in its current condition is dangerous.
  2. steelie man

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    Sounds like the hydro. Contact the exmark service dept at exmark .com and they'll tell you right away.
  3. Grant1

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    I found the problem with the sticking control to be that the linkage to the gas filled shock absorber which is attached to the control lever had come loose. The small retainer and washer were gone. Now this is a brand new machine. While I did not demo this machine evidently the dealer didnt either. Lesson learned fortunately no one hurt.:hammerhead:
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    Those cylinders are not popular with me, been thinking about using a double spring set up to eliminate them, seems they don't last long either and cost alot.

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