Exmark lazer z 60 inch 25.5 kaw


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I’m looking into a new 2019 lazer z x series 60 inch with the 25.5 hp kaw.
Cash price around 10.75k . That’s with the current exmark rebate.

Wondering if it’s worth the extra 3 grand to get the bigger hp engines and if I should be weary getting the smallest hp engine .

anyone that runs the exmark 25.5 hp, let me know how it does for you and if it bogs down At all.
I am coming from a 2016 23.5 kaw 60 inch toro 3000 zero turn that I’ve had no problems with. I cut generally frequent cycled cuttings and very rarely cutting deep grass over 12 inches of height .



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For cutting weekly maintained lawns and especially if side discharging, I think that the 25.5 Kawasaki should have plenty of power. That series engine ( 24.5, 25.5, and 27 hp) are torquey engines and perform well with 60” decks.

I don’t see the larger hp engines being worth $3000 more for the conditions you listed.

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I agree completely with the above. The FX 801 will be fine unless you have to pull a lot of long and/or steep hills. For weekly lawns it is more than enough and a definite step up from what you have been running in terms of both CC's and torque and HP.

BTW- that would be a steal for an Exmark in my area if it is new.

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