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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by clc2003, Aug 6, 2004.

  1. clc2003

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    I recently bought a used Lazer Z to upgrade my equipment. My problem is that I have a customer who insists that it doesn't cut even all the way across. I replaced the blades and I think it looks better but I'm not sure if it did the trick. I have seen some of the areas he is talking about and I think they are scalp marks from his uneven yard. It isn't terrible but like most noticeable. I have also checked air pressure in tires and they are all the same. I am also wondering if he is seeing the tire marks from the mower. This client is becoming a pain in the a** but he is well connected and a local business owner, so I don't want to lose him. The more and more I look at his yard I keep second guessing myself if the mower is cutting even or not. All help will be a great help.


    I used to have a JD F525 and the quality difference is enormous. The problem with that is I can't compare the cut to old mower because the quality wasn't as good because of the mower in general, not because of something being wrong (F525).
  2. 42homers

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    Have you measured the deck ht on each side while it's on an even surface?

    You'll have to measure the blade tips from the ground to the blade on each side.

    If the mower is "dippin" due to holes or whatever........add a few more pounds of air to the front tires.....this stops mine from doing it as bad.
  3. GreenQuest Lawn

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    make sure the scalp rollers are adjusted right (varies on the height you are cutting)
  4. mike48114

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    measure the deck height. Also make sure your deck stays clean underneth. Dirty under deck wont give you an uneven cut but it can give you a crappy cut. Good Luck
  5. 65hoss

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    Several things can be involved in this.
    1. Air pressure
    2. Size of the tires can be different(need to measure)
    3. Deck not level
    4. Anti-scalp rollers not set correctly(not just based on the book or the sticker on the deck)
    5. Tires do become softer over time and will allow the deck to dip.

    I've done all these at one time or another. Keeping a mower at peak performance and cut quality requires you become an avid maintenance guy. If you need help on setup and corrections let me know.
  6. sagcag

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    make sure the blades are on correctly blade washer bolt one of my helpers did it differently he put washer blade bolt
  7. Kelly's Landscaping

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    It sounds like you have a lot of dips and valleys in the lawn it is possible you will not be able to cut certain areas no matter what adjustments you make. I have had similar complaints and sometimes it’s just easier to weed wack the area in question or use a different mower. Some customers request the smaller walk behind not because it cuts better because it sure as hell doesn’t but because they get off thinking your working harder for your money. I totally understand you not wanting to lose a client at this time of the year. I know in May you get out of line I will drop you so fast your head will spin at this time of year when it gets more difficult to find customers in need of your services that aren’t already contracted to some one else I am much more willing to put up with a little BS.
  8. clc2003

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    Thanks guys for all the input. Went mowing today and saw that the deck does look unlevel. I am going to check it more in the morning. I also noticed that only two of the four chains from the deck are tight when lowered, (one on each side, one front one back). Shouldn't all four chains be tight when the deck is down? I noticed that there are slots for adjustments, but wouldn't holes be alot easier? The bolts holding the chains look to be in the same place.

    Any more ideas?
  9. clc2003

    clc2003 LawnSite Senior Member
    from Ia
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    Can't use any other mower. Property is too large. It takes me min. 1 Hr to mow with my Lazer Z.
  10. steve122

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    Don't just check tire pressure on rear tires. Measuer height from ground to top of rim on both sides and vary pressure to get to same height on both sides. May vary by several pounds of pressure from side to side, but will help even up mower more accurately than just checking pressure.

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