Exmark Lazer Z 66" triton hydro issue.

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by MOW-A-LOT LAWN, May 13, 2013.


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    I have recently replaced the hydro pumps, and one parker wheel motor on my exmark. Installed everything,filled with oil, right hydro/wheel motor works great. Looked at the left side, and nothing, no movement or noises. Left side is new wheel motor. I pulled the lines off and was pressurized, so I know the hydro pump is working. But when I tried to turn wheel motor with a wrench it does not spin freely, its real glitchy, like something is rubbing on inside. Should it spin freely or have resistance when lines are disconnected?
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    If you are still having challenges, you can contact our customer service team at 800.667.5296 and they can help troubleshoot. Please be prepared to provide your model and serial number.

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    No one has ever installed new wheel motors, and spun them without the hydro lines installed, that could tell if the motor spins freely or has any resistance?
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    I don't have a exmark but a CC instead. Parker wheel motors and hydro gear pumps. I had a hugh problem with my left pump burning up, so I replaced the wheel motor and rebuilt both pumps. This bad motor I could not turn freely by hand, so I thought it was my problem and it turned out it was. BUT when I got the new Parker motor I couldn't really turn it freely either. So ??? to your question. Did you pre-fill the motor and pumps before reassembly? Possibly air locked? Seemed like I ran 1/2 gal fluid through mine until I got all the air out and I did prefill everything. But now mine seems to be slowing down even more more so I'm probally not the best person to take advice from. In fact I'm starting my own thread about my issue so GOOD LUCK maybe we'll both learn some'n between the two.

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    OK. I am finally getting small movement out of the new wheel motor, keeping my fingers crossed it not shot. Im thinking the left hydro is sucking air somewhere, everytime i break the hydro line from the wheel motor i hear air coming out and bubbles. I have tried to bleed this system probably 20 times this week.

    Jack rear end up,wheel of the ground. Close valve on top of both hydro's, run mid throttle for 5 minutes, moving hand lever forward and reverse slowly. Worked great on right hydro and motor, not so much on the left. Any advice?
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    Don't know if this will help, but when you move the hydro lever forward & back is the pump whining ? Read a thread on here about the copper crush rings on the hoses leaking air where the hoses attach to the wheel motor. I've been putting new ones on since & no more whiny pumps, wow simple!!! Good Luck

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