Exmark Lazer Z Hp 52" Kholer will not throttle down without cutting off....

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by MasScape, Oct 4, 2013.

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    It was pointed out 3 pages ago and more than that let me help you out since it seems you can't find that... Click page 1, read all posts, Click page 2, read all posts. Then you will realize that you just pointed out something pointed out day or two ago. Figured I would give you the same walk through you gave me. ha

    I have the manual in front of me and I admit I downloaded wrong manual at first which frustrated the crap out of me. Another instruction read my question, if it is too involved for a landscaper that tinkers. I done a lot with small engines but rings is getting in to more of a rebuild than a repair which my experience is from. That understood? That is not written in the manual what kind of people can do easily by the way. I am horticulturalist that designs plantings, engineers hardscapes, and etc, not a master mechanic by any means but far from no skills with machines after being in this field my whole life.

    By the way, if anyone with a manual could fix anything without advice from others with more experience, this world wouldn't have much need for many different trades. I apprieate the advice I received from the people that took the time to post advice intend of wise cracks.
  2. MasScape

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    Thank you... just trying to find any thing I need to be aware of being a possible issue. To answer your questions. The machines has over 600 hours. It is not currently smoking bad... I do not notice a hiss at power down. I do feel like it has a slight hiss or whining noise while running full throttle.
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    Suggestions were given...

    Should be easy enough to find & fix...

    Hmm, plenty of pretty pictures in the SERVICE MANUAL explaining ALL repairs...

    Should have been easy to determine where the fault is and what it was without guessing...

    Opinions are like noses, everyone has one...

    How are any of us supposed to know your skill level? How are any of us supposed to know if you are getting into something over your head?... YOU should know!

    Yeah buddy, you really showed me up on that...

    If you consider general maintenence or tune-ups as your "a lot of expierence with small engines", then this is probably over your head as you seemingly need specific details and pictures/diagrams for a given job.

    I have been following this thread since you posted it on 10/4/13... I have seen all of your questions asked including wanting to know if you could do the repairs yourself... Again, no one knows your skill level but you! If you feel you can do it, then dig in and do it!

    You seem to be baffled that you haven't been given a "Oh, here's your problem, do this and it will be fixed" answer yet... When the fact of the matter is that you have the engine in front of you and your basically asking "What's wrong with it and exactly how do I fix it?" Had ANY of us tech's had this engine in front of us, it would have been fixed 5 days ago!

    So if you feel comfortable enough with YOUR skill level and now having the Service Manual, then go for it! If not, then take it in for repair to someone who will fix it for you!

    So do YOU feel that you can do repairs at any depth on this engine with YOUR skill level?
  4. smallengineshop

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    I think u have a problem with your carb. it could be adjustment but i have done many a command with some dirt in the idle port. I am not sure why all the sudden we are talking about rings...does the mower use any oil. The death of Commands is in the breather hope this is helpful

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