Exmark Lazer Z HP dropping RPMs for no reason

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by Drenhead, Aug 21, 2012.

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    I have an older Exmark Lazer Z HP that seems to be losing RPMs for no reason. It is from about 2001 - 2002 timeframe. The Engine is a 21hp kawasaki.

    It will seem to be running just fine, then all of a sudden, the engine will sound like it is bogging down and the blades will start losing a bunch of rpms. This happens whether I'm going thru grass or not. It will sometimes do it whether the blades are engaged or not.

    After a while of this, it will just pop back to full RPM and seem to run fine for a while, then it will do it again for no reason.

    Could this be a fuel pump or fuel filter issue? I had it to the shop, but of course it wouldn't do it while they had it.

    I appreciate any suggestions you can give.
  2. tobylou8

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    You "might" have a head gasket leak. I had a similar problem on my "Toro"/Exmark and that fixed it. Only your mechanic will know for sure though.
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    Loose connections on coils...maybe bad sparplug boots..maybe bad coils..
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