Exmark Lazer Z HP or Toro Z100?

Discussion in 'eXmark' started by Krimick, Mar 20, 2002.

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    Could you compare these two ztr's, both with 44" decks.

    I cut a lot of damp/wet grass (not by choice) :) And have very uneven terrain as well as many small areas....thus the reason for 44" deck instead of something larger.

    I've read the major difference between the two is the deck? I need to bag about 80% of my work, as mulching damp grass doesn't work out to well :)
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    Your information is correct. The major difference is the deck. Exmark uses the TriVantage 5" deep fabricated deck vs. a stamped steel deck. The Exmark TriVantage deck can also be converted to mulching (I'm not sure about the stamped deck) with the Micro Mulch system. We get very good comments on our mulching capabilities so you may want to demo a unit with the mulch kit before you decide. You'll also find differences in fuel tanks as well as other minor mechanical items.

    The Exmark UltraVac system is spindle driven and does not require a pony engine to power the vac system. Most of the debris actually bypasses the impeller fan reducing horsepower requirements and reducing the chance of plugging. Instead of using the vac as a “grass pump” we use it as an air pump and use airflow to carry the grass and leaves back to the grass bags. The vac itself is nothing more than a big fan. Like a fan it pushes air and debris better than it draws or sucks debris and air. A simple test on the principle of our vac would be to stand in front of a fan and feel the airflow, now stand behind it. You’ll feel a big difference because a fan can push air better than it can pull air. I'm not sure what type of vac system is available for a stamped deck. Don't take my word for it. Demo the UltraVac and ask some of the landscapers in the general forum what they think of the UltraVac

    As far as scalping, it is unlikely you'll get into any cutting conditions where a 48" would scalp and a 44" would not. You may want to consider stepping up a little bit in cutting width and going with the added stability and cutting capacity of a wider mowing deck.



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