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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by jeffex, Sep 20, 2008.

  1. jeffex

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    First let me apologize for ever posting on this site that 1/4 acre lawns didn't need a lazer!!! A ZTR what ever brand is worth the money. My thread is to give a review of my purchase . Exmark lazer Zhp 52" trivantage deck with 23hp Kohler. I have been able to cut in dry grass and wet tall grass with one pass. I have one 1 acre lawn that had wet tall grass and it cut one pass at full speed with the deflector up and dispersed very nicely. I have the same deck on myWBs and striping is good even without a roller. There is no bogging down of the Kohler in the tall wet grass. I am able to cut at least 1 to 2 more lawns in the same time as my walkbehinds and the fatigue factor is way down. The lazer requires a greater concentration level but the floating deck makes cutting almost idiot proof. The worst part is operator error in making the zero turn ( wheel marks in the grass)and that is solved by a bag of grass seed and a simple explanation to my customers of a break in period for the new machine and my skill level. NO complaints as I had feared any many seem mezmerized with the machine . I chose the exmark as its reputation proceded itself and the HP model is smaller for my size lawns. Just the deck height adjustment alone goes a long way to reduce opperator fatigue vs constant changing of shims on my fixed deck walkbehinds. I have OCDCs on my walkbehinds but with a lazer you can just cut backwards so that install (OCDC) may wait until next season. I don't have any experience with other ZTRs so my opinions are only of this model . I can say that the stiff price tag of $6799 seems miles away as each evening I am less tired and making more $ per HR. I am very happy with the controls and opperation of my mower and was even happier I could fit it and a 36" toro WB parked sideways on my 5X10 trailer. "gitcha one if ya' kin"
  2. hackitdown

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    I couldn't say it better. Worth every penney.
  3. punt66

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    Yea i see peope on this site saying ztr's are a waste of money. Its usually people who have never owned one. I wouldnt be in this business without one. They are actually more manuverable in tight spaces than a walkbehind and like you said more profitable with little fatigue. Good post.
  4. Mowbizz

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    I love my Lazer hp 50" Triton AND 23HP Kawisaki...don't use my Toro belt drive 40" WB at all anymore...I am seriously thinking of giving the WB up and getting a leaf loader system then picking up a Quick 36 during the winter for the possibility that I'd ever need a walk behind in the future. It just does not get used and is taking up room on my trailer.
  5. jeffex

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    I still have a few back yards that I can't use it on but I may be making a deal with some customers to put in a larger gate. Even if I donate my labor in december or march it might be worth the effort for a few lawns. I just picked up a new lawn friday that it will fit in the gate if I remove the discharge chute or get the flexible one or even an OCDC. It changes your mindset as to what is workable for you own business plan. Years of riding a velkey and bouncing hard over rough drought hardened clay soil took its toll. One day riding and I only wish I had made the move 10 yrs ago. I agree on the quick 36 dully . its small foot print and hill holding ability with the dual hydro may put one of those on my trailer too. With my current lawns a WB is still needed.
  6. mississippiturf

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    Welcome to a new world of mowing! I get tickled reading the posts about what a waste to mow 1/4 acre lawns with a ztr.

    ZTR's RULE!!!!!!!!
  7. jeffex

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    well i'm a convert!!! A few new issues of maintenance with a battery but I can get a solar trickle charger to act as a battery tender. I can still lift the front up to clean and check the blades but it takes a little more umph!!! I just use my floor jack when I'm home. As the mower ages I may keep my battery charger on my truck though since a ztr doesn't look like fun to push or pull when it won't start!
  8. landscaper22

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    Jeffex, we seem to always have the same opinions. I don't know if we are smart or dumb, but we are in the same boat. We must be long lost brothers...:laugh: I love my Lazer Z HP with the Tri-vantage. I am pushing close to 1000 hours on mine. I also have an Exmark walk behind 36" that just sits in the shed. They do have their purpose, but I rarely use mine. It is the one piece of equipment that I feel was the biggest waste of my money. Talk about working you to death.....I would rather use my 21" snapper than that 36". I once had 3-4 properties with the big back yards and small gates. But I no longer have them. I would almost rather turn down those properties than have to deal with that dang walk behind.
  9. jeffex

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    landscaper22 you must be the smartest guy in SC then LOL. I 'm not going to be tooo quick to cut anyone loose just because of my purchase. However, I will be looking for lawns where I can utilize this piece of equipment. I developed tendonitis in both hips and found that removing the velky from the wb helped. I did 5 weeks physicl theorpy and got on the right track . The tendonitis forced me to look at a ZTR as an alternative and it was a god send IMO. I probably would have remained a walkbehind person if not for this health issue. I still use my 36" for a few back yards and an ocasional hill but my confidence on the ZTR is only limited by NOT wanting to test the ROPS . I can't get away with no walkbehind yet but I have a few bids in the works to make use of the lazer more. I think I got a good deal because of the old style deck but my grass gobbler fit right on from my WBs
  10. brucec32

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    I have to agree. The lazer z hp is "just right" in terms of size. I enjoy using wb's but the fatigue factor is so much greater when you mow a lot of lawns. I haven't trailered a wb bigger than a 21" more than a few days all year.

    I think the biggest ztr advantage other than sitting down is the ability to raise/lower the deck with a foot pedal instantly. On Bermuda lawns I use it at the end of every pass to avoid cut variations and when cresting hills. With experience you can really get better results than a comparable size wb.

    The downside is of course wear from the weight and damage in turns, but again with experience this is diminished. I three point almost all turns. wb's are still handy for wet days where the ztr would destroy a wet lawn, and faster turning means you can match ztrs for speed on some size lawns, and some lot types require a smaller deck of a 36" wb, but when you're really tired out there ztr time is like rest time compared to mowing with a wb.

    It's also nice to be able to mow backwards when needed. I have some steep hills where mowing downhill would cause traction problems and mowing accross the slope causes a bad cut quality. So I mow up, scoot backwards down the slope, then up the next room, etc.

    I realize some areas require wb's for slopes and ditches, and some areas are full of narrow gates, but I think my 32" is going up for sale this winter. In 5 years it just hasn't had any hours put on it.

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