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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by jarroo's lawncare, Jun 8, 2006.

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    i was thinking of putting lights on my lazer z, but instead of the exmark light kit, i was going to try to put hella offroad truck lights. will my battery be able to power these lights? i was wanting to put two facing outward to the side and two pointing straight ahead so when i get caught out after dark i can see ahead and to the side.
  2. tgaskill

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    I had a pair of the Exmark lights put on my 05, little pricey but worth it. I had spent time rigging a set for my older Z and of course that's what they ended up looking like something rigged. The Exmark lights bolt real nice on the rops and have a switch right on them. They are very bright in front and off to the side and adjust very easily.
  3. tacoma200

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    I think you need some lights that draw a little less power than the hella off road lights. I would go to an auto parts place or tractor supply and get some low wattage lights. The Exmark doesn't charge enough for any high current lights. I would not have the factory lights on the ROPs. They would last a few days until I hit a tree limb. They need to be lower. Just my opinion.
  4. THEoneandonlyLawnRanger

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    When i bought my JD walkbehind it had an offroad style light attached to the front, its not a hella but probably an autozone special, it looks like it was made to go there and for one light it works really good, have only used it for maybe 20 minutes and never had a battery problem, hey by the way to you know Big Al's landscaping he is in jonesbourouh and JC area?
  5. DJL50

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    There was no way in the world I was going to spend $135 for a light kit for my Toro ZTR. I purchased a light kit from www.Harborfreight.com Item 46908. They sell for $14.99 a set of two lights. I found them on sale at their retail store for $8.99 so that even made the deal better for me. They were easy to install with the supplied hardware (no need to drill in my case) and work great. They are the same watt as the Toro light kit. Here is the funny part. After I installed my HF lights I was in my XMark dealer looking around and they had a set of XMark lights on display. I was shocked to find they were made exactly like the ones from Harborfreight, Just the shape of the lights were rectangle on the exmark and the HF model is more oval. They even had the same stickers on them. I would bet a dollar they are made by the same people. This is the way to go.

  6. WildWest

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    Hmmmm... nice! 14.99...that's for me!
  7. DJL50

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    Glad I could help
  8. Runner

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    I have a light mounted on my Lazer, and it is mounted in a well positioned place, and looks just like factory equipment. Here's how I did it. The mounting bracket is made from a piece of angle iron, and after doing some measuring and trajection experimentation, I cut a 90 degree "V" wedge out of it allowing me to bend it 90 degrees to form an L (but upside down) that is about 2 and a half feet tall, and the top stands out about 3 inches. I then welded it where the the bend comes together and the notch was cut. The outside of the bend is nice and round and smooth. This bracket was then marked and drilled for the holes and painted a red that matches the Exmark red. I bolted the bracket to the outside of the plate that the height adjustment is on. A hole is already in the bracket where a bolt runs through. THIS is one that was marked where to drill in the bracket. It (the bracket) runs right up along side of the plate that holds the height adjustment lever, towards the back, and the bottom of the angle iron bracket rides right on the chassis part that runs horizontal front to back and protrudes out a bit. The way I got this length (height) for the light, was that this is the point that the light clears the top of the foot pedal for the deck assist. I had to mount mine higher, because when I tried it down lower, it just didn't shine on the rows and I couldn't see very well down INTO the grass. It's about between my elbow and my shoulder, height wise, and is a little less than a foot out from the side of the seat, and doesn't stick out any wider than a gas tank for clearance. I have a 12 volt utility light, like the ones you get from Quality Farm and Fleet mounted on it, and is wired directly to the battery using a toggle switch mounted on the back of the bracket post and ran through a fusable link. It's kind of nice, with it's handiness because I don't have to start up the mower if I need a light for something, especially on the trailer. I just click the switch, and there it is. I did a little adjusting and pointing of the light before tightening it up, and it works great, putting out ample light to see and operate safely and effectively. Sorry for the length of the post.
    Here's a thread with a picture of mine. . This is a spotlight setup like available at TSC. I tried the floodlight, but it is not as suitable for the needs. The spot is brighter and still puts out wide enough.
  9. DJL50

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    I forgot to add the lights are made of metal with glass lenses.
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    is mowing in the dark really an issue, how do you get caught in the dark,maybe its different down here but we can actually see it getting dark after the sun goes down , the sun going down being your first clue that its going to be getting dark

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