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Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by forestfireguy, Sep 9, 2006.

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    This machine runs funny, sometimes when the parking brake is on and the handles are out it starts to stumble. Also happens on hills at times, has anyone gone through their new procedure of getting a new mercury swiitch? You have to send them the old one back before they will give you the new one, we are on day 8 of waiting with the switch jumped to allow use of the machine. The merc switch is a shot in the dark but the shop mechanic said he tried everything else. Ideas?????
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    what engine?
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    first off, we are an xm turf star dealer here in n.c. and have not heard of this new procedure. we repl merc switches all the time and just order them and get them with in 1-2 days from our distrubutor when we dont have em in stock.

    second, its real simple and the tech can check this easily. the seat switch and mercury/tilt switch run parrellel together in the safety system. the 2 wires coming out of there harness (i think orange and brown) that hook into the main harness. just unplug that connector and installed a jumper wire in the main harness connector. if it solves your problems you know its the merc switch.

    also if your unit is a efi, there can be eng/puter issues acting up. let me know if this is what you have.

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