Exmark LazerZ 26HP EFI Hour meter quit

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by Sharky, Apr 12, 2005.

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    hmmm... kubota?
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    I was stupid and didnt have insurrance on the Exmark.... I did have the ins to cover the property damage and yes We did change the fuel pump the day before... I Totally check ALL lines when we did it!!! Not sure what the hell happened but its Scrap... NO more Exmarks for me!! John deere ALL the way, Im Much happier and make more $$ with the JD!! So all in all it was a big loss of a 3 year old mower with 1600hrs on it but the JD is much better in my book and Im happy to have it!
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    First time to reply, but if you disconnect the hour meter and connect a multimeter to the two leads of the hour meter. Then start engine and if you have 12 volts on the meter then you are good to go, if not connect the hot lead of the meter to the battery positive and leave the other connected to the dark blue wire, this is your ground (when engine runs). If you still have no voltage then you probably have a open short in the ground(dark blue) or voltage wire(orange). Also, the orange wire comes in from the key switch, make sure there is voltage on that wire too.

    Hope that helps,
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    Hey now.... this might just interest you....

  5. Oldtimer

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    When you changed the fuel pump did you use Oetiker clamps on the fuel line, or did you use regular hose clamps?

  6. sawman65

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    bet he used just any old clamp.....this is what us dealers are for to fix it right the first time if this happend after your dealer replaced the pump you would have recourse. if you dont have a laptop with the kohler repair programs take the mower to a dealer who has them.
  7. Oldtimer

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    Our technicians (mechanics) have their laptops and they can completely check out an EFI unit on a customer's trailer. We were a software beta site for Kohler just after the introduction of the EFI engines and gained a lot of experience beginning with the first generation of Bosch electronic control modules.

    Each technician has his own company email address and can communicate directly with each manufacturer we represent.

    There have been a lot of pros and cons about Kohler's EFI engines. The cons start with dealers who are resistant to change, unwilling to move into the 21st. century and tell their customers the EFI engines aren't any good. The pros are from dealers who really understand the system, have technicians who are committed to preparing for the next generation of engines and from the LCOs who have enjoyed outstanding fuel economy from an engine that will last as long as the mower. It's true that there have been some difficulties understanding how to get all the grounds to stay in place but this issue is long past.

    We also have a "clean room" for working on 2 stroke equipment and carburetors.

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    Thanks for the Kind words....

    I Did use new clamps. I bet the dealer would have given me a run around if they did the pump and this happened. I would still be in the same place. Im not crying about it It actually got me to buy somthing Better, a JD 777!!
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    I know this thread is a bit dated, but I have a question about the Kohler software. Is available for retail purchase? Or is it strictly for dealers?

    BTW, guess who is having Exmark-Kohler EFI problems again...two months out of warranty :rolleyes:
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    What is the problem?

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