exmark letter


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I emailed exmark about velkies and double blades this is what the emailed back to me.

Dear Ted,

We at Exmark do not offer a stand on riding unit. We do have a
sit on sulky that sells for around $600. I do realize that a lot of
people use stand on riders, but Exmark has never authorized use of one.
Look at this wed site http://www.lawnsite.com these people may give you some
ideas. As for double blades, when you put on the second blade it lowers
the blade below what we fell is a safe distance. Here again we know that
people have done this and I know that they have talked about it in the
above wed site.
I can tell you that we have looked at all these things. Until we
have put all the facts together, we can only advise you to be safe! If
you have any other questions please call on us. Hopefully together we
can get the max performance out of your unit.

Fred Fugett
Customer Care

These guys are be very helpful to this site they must be a member or guest right? anyway anyone else get told this by exmark


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Hum maybe i shouldn't be runing double blades. I haven't had anything go wrong yet. But they do have a point, I bet doing this voids out your warrties. I still can't figure out why they don't pefer velkes. Marks Mowing Service


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It would be nice if they would come out and give some real advice and spects on the after market equipment and any safty or equipment problems that have been found!