exmark life expectancy??????

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by slikrick, Mar 10, 2004.

  1. slikrick

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    ok, so i posted earlier stating i have a chance to buy a 36" exmark hydro for $1800 but stated it was only 2 years old... well i now find out its 4-5 years old for $1800 w/ about 300 hours on it. is $1800 still a good deal or should i offer lower and what is the life expectancy of an exmark? pros and cons would be greatly appreciated.... new in the biz and i really like the exmark products but w/ no warranties and new in the biz i dont need down time and more expenses. what do you more experienced vets have to say?
  2. specialtylc

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    I would question the 300 hours if it was used commercially for 4 or 5 years. Seems too low.
  3. slikrick

    slikrick LawnSite Member
    from FL
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    its from a part timer that worked 2-3 days a week over the course of 4 years or so.... thats what i hear anyway? is there anyway for an amateur like me to know or what to look for to get a better understanding of how many hours may be on this thing?
  4. GRT

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    Really there's no way. Even if there's an hour meter, someone could have added that at any time. If you really think it's a great deal (which it is sounding less and less like it is), you'll know upon inspection. The best place to buy a used mower is usually a dealer, and not on Ebay because at the end of the day, the dealer should stand behind his word. He knows his customers and the approximate use put on the machine. Most dealers sell used equipment that has been inspected with belts, blades, etc. replaced as necessary. Once the transaction's completed on Ebay, it's done. Look at the engine, under the deck, and the paint wear; it should give some indication. Be a smart shopper and don't give in because you think you're going to save a few bucks. It may cost you a lot more than you think...

    (not trying to scare you, but I'd rather see you get a good deal on a new piece of equipment than get screwed on a used one)
  5. niceguy

    niceguy LawnSite Member
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    Gravely has a gear drive for about 500-800 more. Brand New! 2 Year War.
    why would you buy used at that little of a price difference?
  6. metro-hp_48

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    "why would you buy used at that little of a price difference?"

    Comparing apples to oranges with hydro vs. gear drive, as far as being only 500-800 difference, niceguy.

    Regardless, I would pass it over. Without the warrenty, and not knowing how the mower was maintained, just looking at the worst case senerio, imagaine if both wheel motors and hydro pumps did have to be replaced (much less any other parts needing to be replaced) Of course, it might could be the best mower you'll ever own.
  7. metro-hp_48

    metro-hp_48 LawnSite Senior Member
    from TN
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    Hmmm not as high to replace hydro parts as I would have thought, buying from jthomas. But still for a Viking hydro, 2 wheel motors, and 2 pumps would be 1,200.00.

  8. dishboy

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    Does it still have the original tires and how much tread left?
  9. metro-hp_48

    metro-hp_48 LawnSite Senior Member
    from TN
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    I would atleast check the compression, before buying. Plugs out, and throttle wide open. (but a good weight oil, put in the cylinders could make it temp. pass that test) Good luck either way (and welcome to Lawnsite niceguy, before I forget)
  10. mckell68

    mckell68 LawnSite Member
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    I purchased a used Exmark Viking 2 years ago for $1500.
    It is now six years old with about 1800 hours on it. I think these machines are solid. Still cuts great.

    You can go to the Exmark forum and email Terri the serial number. He can tell you date of manf, who purchased it, and any warranty work on it. This should give you a good idea.

    I too would be suspect of the low hours ---you need to verify that it is correct--offer $1300 and you should get a good buy.

    Take care---Mike

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