Exmark Metro 21 Mower.

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    Hi guys!

    Many years ago I purchased a 2006 Exmark Metro 21 based on the information that I read on this site and others. However, this has been the worst lawnmower I have ever owned and I regret the purchase every spring, summer and fall. I chose the Kawasaki motor, instead of the Honda, because the majority of members liked it versus the Honda. This motor is the previous version, not the KAI version. This mower was never used commercially, just for my 1/4 acre worth of lousy lawn. It has been kept clean and dry in the garage, never abused. I've had the following problems with the mower since day one.

    A). Supplier loaded my truck with the wrong mower. I had to drive the mower back to the dealer, about 50 miles round trip. No sympathy shown by the dealer whatsoever.
    B). Kawasaki motor never seemed that powerful. I never felt impressed.
    C). Motor no longer started last spring. The engine never seemed hungry or eager to start. It felt like it had the Eeyore complex and felt lazy, not the thoroughbred race horse I was expecting of a $ 1,100.00 dollar push mower. A complete tune-up and repair cost me over 300 hundred dollars, more than most lawnmowers cost.
    D). It pains me to say, the mower failed to start this past fall when the leaves needed mulching. I'm not sure I want to pay more money for another repair.

    What should I do guys?

    1) Have the current engine repaired again?
    2) Replace the Kawasaki FJ180 with the newer KAI version?
    3). Take the Kawasaki off and install a Honda GXV160 engine?

    Thanks for any advice, thoughts or opinions!

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