Exmark metro 21" questions......


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I'm looking at the Exmark Metro 21" mower. I've ran the old 2 cycle Toro's, but they are gone and I need backups.

What do you guys prefer, Kawasaki or Honda engines? I know honda's run great but I've heard that they can be gutless? Also BBC, any comments? Is the honda engine worth the extra money, or does the Kawasaki run as good and as long??

Thanks a lot, and have a great spring!!!!!


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Both the Honda and Kaw are good engines. The Kaw does have more power, larger fuel tank and oil filter (non-bbc) and a solid reputation for reliability. The Honda on the other hand has built the biggest reputation in terms of reliability. Is it more reliable than the Kaw? Only time will tell.

I personally like the BBC just because it doesn't require restarting everytime I empty the grass catcher or when I stop to pick up debris.




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Terry, is there oil filter kit you can order for the 6.5 kawi w/ bbc. Because that is the way that my metro 21 came (6.5 kawi sp w/ bbc) just wondering ? BTW AWSOME MACHINE