Exmark Metro 26 for parts or repair

Discussion in 'Marketplace' started by rickpilgrim, Apr 19, 2012.

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    We have a 2006 metro 26 I will let go for $100. It is in Wausau, WI

    The good- it has the bag and the mulch plug. about 160 hrs use. You can mow with it as is, but there are several problems/reasons we are letting it go are:
    It snaps blade belts when you mulch in heavy grass, or if you engage the blade to fast. Welost the plastic belt cover.
    The rear wheel adjuster plates(where the wheel bolts on) are bent so that the inside of the tire is worn. It's not much of a bend and I suspect all the bagging we did with it caused this.
    The front tires have toe-out. There are plastic bushings the those front wheel adjusters and it needs new ones.
    It was dagged upside down about 50 ft on the street. The cross stap broke but the linerar one dragged it along the trailer. The starter cover and handle have scars from this.
    Lastly, the plastic blade control is broken and will not lock in the engaged position. The last time we used it we tied it with a strap.
    We paid almost $1500 for this mower and none of my crew really likes it. What Exmark says about productivity is true, it is faster than a 21"but it is bigger, heavier and slower manovering than our Toro commercial.
    We can crate it for shipping for $30 and if you want pictures PM me or call R&L Yard Care @ 715 573-0801

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