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Discussion in 'eXmark' started by cgaengineer, May 10, 2007.

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    I purchased the Exmark Metro 26" a few weeks ago and I would like to comment on the power output...6HP is not enough and this mower is struggling to cut the lawns I have to cut. I was wondering if a Kawasaki made an 8HP engine that would mount to the Metro 26" deck. I feel that the added power would outway the extra bit of weight. My problems with power are not over the entire lawn, its usually in the spots where the lawn grows at a different rate and the grass is taller. I so much want this mower to work for me...I like everything about it except the power and the difficulty of switching gears...the gear lever is tough on my hand. I cut my own lawn and 4 other lawns and I have noticed the power to be lacking in nearly all of my lawns and the lawns have not even reached their peak growing stages yet (Have not greened or filled out 100%).

    All in all I think the Metro 26" fills a spot in the market for someone like me who has a few lawns to cut and wants walk behind looks without the cost of another type of walk behind mower, or the aggravation of changing deck heights from lawn to lawn...most of the lawns I cut are bermuda and fescue which have a very different mowing height (1.5 for bermuda and 3.5 for fescue.

    I have looked at Exmarks other walk behinds and though I like them, I cannot justify the expense of a floating deck hydro or even a fixed deck for the amount of lawns I cut.

    I will hate to have to return this mower to my place of purchase, but I am afraid that if I do not come up with a solution for increasing the power I will have to give this mower back.

    Please help me resolve power issues...and I am not the only one who is complaining...other than some of the first 26" ers coming out with cables that broke...everyone is complaining that power is too low.
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    Here is what I have for you. We have had some issues with the M26 but none of them have really been HP issues other than the following. This engine is spec to run at 3600 rpm not 3300 as on 21" units. Also check load rpm to make sure it's not dropping much over 50 rpm. If it is we could have a governor problem with the engine. In most cases we simply need to rest the governor linkage.

    I have also had great feedback on adding rake to the M26 which helps with its performance. Not so much power but its effectiveness in bagging and mulching. Rake is increased by raising 1 notch most of the time 2 notches on the rear height adjuster.

    There are several other things that can cause issues with power on these engines but governor is by far the biggest issues I have seen.
    I wish there was an engine out there in that size with more HP. The only other engine we know of to fit that application is a Te####### and everybody we talked with says stay away.

    The tranny will get easier on shifting once it breaks in a little. I hope this helps as always the best thing to do is get it back into your dealer and have them call us.

    Thanks Fred.
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    Fred, Thank you for your reply. I will try adding additional rake when I cut my lawn next week and see if this makes a difference, I will also try rake adjustment before returning to my dealer for testing...hopefully it will help.

    As far as bagging I have yet to see a problem with it...the bag really packs full and unless you reach in bag with hand the grass is so tightly packed it its hard to come out.

    For the governor adjustment I used to own an inductive tach but I have since sold it so would have to take to dealer for load RPM check.

    I really hate to gripe about power because both myself and my wife really enjoy using this mower for our few jobs and it really cuts down on cutting time. I also really like the striping effect it leaves when finished...the finished cut is better looking with this mower (M26) than with my 21" Snapper High-Vac.

    Is there a better mulching blade available for the M26? The one that come with mulching kit doesn't seem to work as well, however I have yet to try with rake adjusted so I guess we will see.
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    How do you like your M26 now?
  5. cgaengineer

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    I dont! Wanna buy it?
  6. YukonG

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    No, thank you.

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